Hangover from hell… 26. June 2015

 Quark (kohupiim) pastry

 Boiled wieners

 Strawberry kiss

 Lamb soup with sour cream; lavash with ham and cucumber


Last night I ended up drinking beer, prosecco and then some herb liqueur. That was not a smart thing to do at all xD I had the worst hangover ever.

Midsummer’s Eve… 23. June 2015

 Scrambled eggs with wieners, mushrooms and sour cream

 Strawberries, sweet cherries, watermelon and coffee

 Potato chips and chocolate candy

 Wine with berries

 Grilled meat and sausages, grilled veggies, boiled potatoes, broccoli mash

 Halva ice cream and coffee


We went to our friends house to celebrate the Midsummer’s Eve. It was raining most of the evening, but the skies cleared up for about three hours so we could sit outdoors for a bit too and build a bonfire. It was a very lovely evening.

Do you celebrate Midsummer’s Eve where you live and if so, how do you celebrate it? In Estonia, we usually build a bonfire and gather together with friends and family for a feast. It’s also common to jump over the bonfire for good luck.