Two quiet days… 6-7. Dec 2016

6. December

 Porridge with honey and peanut butter.

 Oven baked potatoes, beef sült (head cheese), smoked Baltic herring, salad with bok choy and a cottage cheese salad with sour cream and dill. Boyfriend was cooking again😀

7. December

 Porridge with honey and peanut butter

 Rice with pumpkin seeds and miso soup with wakame and egg over it. Also, some salad with salted cucumber and garlic.

 Caramel waffle cake and tea

Celebrations… 4-5. Dec 2016

4. December

 Coffee and a banana

 Cold table: devilled eggs, tuna salad in lavash rolls, marinated cucumbers and beef paté, potato salad, smoked chicken, roast beef and sparkling wine


 Boiled potatoes and roast duck

 A Twix bar I shared with boyfriend. My little brother so graciously offered us one :p


There was a get together at my parent’s place to celebrate my mom’s birthday and the upcoming birthdays of my sis and father. Lots of food wa shad xD My parents went overboard with the food again.

5. December

 Potato salad and coffee

 A couple of rice cakes with avocado

 Rice with chicken and soy sauce, salad with bok choy and some pickled cucumber

 Tea and chocolate

Good and bad… 2-3. Dec 2016

2. December

 Fruit bread and coffee

 An apple, a couple of brioche and another cup of coffee

 Rice with tuna sauce and some tomatoes

 Some grapes

I went to my parents place to find some photos of my old pets. It sure was a trip down memory lane. Now I need to pull myself together and actually write the blog post using these photos I found. It’s difficult keeping a daily routine right now. Still trying my best however.

3. December

 Scrambled eggschicken

 Coffee and a couple of brioche buns

 Oven baked garlic chicken and potatoes, pickled cucumber and some beef sült (head cheese). I was having a bad day, so my boyfriend made this dinner ♥

 Rye bread crisps and tea

I was moody and grumpy the entire day. The evening was nice however: my boyfriend made dinner and I had a raid night with my guildies in Rift.

At the vet… 30. Nov – 1. Dec 2016

30. November

 Bran and seeds porridge with honey and 3 tangerines

 Rice cakes with boiled eggs

 Pasta with creamy avocado sauce and some salad. I used this recipe for the avocado sauce. I don’t have a food processor so I tried making it in a smoothie blender and that didn’t work that well, so the sauce was a bit chunkier than it probably should have been. In hindsight, I could have probably used the hand blender with better results xD Too bad I am such a slow thinker.

1. December

 Two slices of fruit bread and a cup of coffee

 Another cup of coffee and a Danish pastry

 Oven omelette made of leftovers (spaghetti and whatever frozen veggies I found in the freezer) and some salad

We took our two cats, Totoro and Loki, to the vet in the evening. Totoro has lost quite a bit of fur on her paws and tummy and we had no idea what to do about it. She potentially has a urinary tract infection and is most likely stressed, so she was prescribed a special food, some antibiotics and also antidepressants. I guess the pet matches the owner now. My mom used to joke about this happening years ago, apparently, in her view, I had depressed the cat beyond repair:/

Loki has some sort of cystic bump growing on his neck. The doctor wanted to draw a sample from it for testing to see if it was anything bad, but it wasn’t easy. I fled the room, because I am uneasy around blood and needles, but kept kind of observing the ordeal through the glass door none the less. Eventually it was four people in the examination room, trying to hold Loki down, to get the test sample xD He sure is strong for such a tiny animal.

A lot of good food… 28-29. November 2016

28. November

 A lemon kohuke and a cup of coffee

 A bit of leftover mushroom soup and a cheese and ham pastry

 Some gummy bears

 Dinner with my boyfriend, mom and sister @ Rataskaevu 16. Complimentary bread and butter from the house.

 Beef tenderloin with avocado + lightly salted fresh cucumber and a mustard sauce. Shared this with my boyfriend.

 Oven baked salmon with potato-chives cream, asparagus and sugar peas


 Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry-lime sauce

The dinner was a later birthday gift for my mom and it was a lovely time for all of us. I had such a huge food coma afterwards xD
I also had a family doctor’s appointment in the morning and I accepted her offer to prescribe me anti-depressants. My psychiatrist appointment is in February next year and felt I couldn’t just continue for another two months the way I tend to be right now. So I am hoping that the meds will help.

29. November

 Bran and seeds porridge with a chopped-up banana and chia seeds. Also, I ate a persimmon.

 Sloppy Joes (I had 2 of these) with cheese and guacamole and some cucumber with nuts and seeds

Day 14 – A picture that makes you happy

This one taken on the 4th of August this year. It seems like a very random snap of our domestic life, but what makes it important is the story behind it. I was having a particularly bad time that day, I was feeling sick and tired and didn’t manage to write my thesis…. The apartment was dirty and I had no energy to cook dinner. What a nice girlfriend to come home to, right?

But that guy on the photo comes home and instead of being angry with me, instead of us getting into a fight over my failings, he offers to order take out and watch anime with me. And therefore this random photo makes me happy, it reminds me how blessed I am to have someone like that in my life who doesn’t judge me by my bad days and who, instead of lashing out or getting angry, tells me that it’s all fine and supports me in getting better.

An interesting meeting… 26-27. November 2016

26. November

 Cereal with milk and a cup of coffee.

 Oven-baked pearl barley with smoked bacon and onion + some complimentary bread and butter @ Kuldse Notsu Kõrts

 Coffee and a slice of pecan tart @ Kehrwieder Chocolaterie

A cup of coffee, polar bread with ham and tomato, mushroom soup

 A slice of apple-halva pie

 Seaweed snacks with olive oil and a cup of tea

I got an unexpected message on facebook a few days ago, that a very long time online friend of mine was in Estonia on a business trip and he asked if I was willing to meet up with him. Years ago, I used to keep a personal journal on a website called livejournal and I think he was one of my very first friends there that wasn’t already a friend of mine outside the livejournal portal. That was maybe 15 years ago now😀 We haven’t really communicated much after livejournal “died,” but we were in each other’s friends lists and kind of knew what the other was up to thanks to that.

So, we met up and I showed him around Tallinn a bit and helped him find some gifts for his wife and co-workers back in Japan. It was funny meeting a person for the first time that you have kind of “known” for years already :p I hope the terrible weather didn’t scare him off Estonia for good and maybe he will be back one day.

27. November

 Lemon kohuke

 Apple-halva pie and some coffee

 Bread crisps

 Coffee and Kismet wafer

 Minced meat and pesto lasagne with loads of veggies

Lazy day. I think I spent half of the day just sleeping :p It felt good though.