Angry at this illness… 24. August 2016

 Bran crispbread with avocado and tomato; a cup of coffee.

 A slice of white bread with avocado and tomato.

 A motivational smoothie from Boost: watermelon-strawberry smoothie with chia seeds.
I wasn’t feeling too good, but I decided I should go for a walk anyway, so I promised myself I’d buy myself a smoothie from Boost if I went out anyway. I managed to walk to the town centre, but took the bus back home, because by the time I got my smoothie and wanted to head back I was feeling pretty dizzy. I’m usually all for properly sitting out all the illnesses and recovering before becoming more active again, but I guess I am just so angry at this Lyme disease that I just don’t want to give in to it. What do you mean my joints hurt and I start feeling out of breath and dizzy when I walk? Fuck this, I’m going for a walk anyway! It’s how this entire thing feels.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto, tomato and avocado.

 Black tea and about 3 of these lemon cookies. The lemon cookies tasted so much better than the cocoa ones we had the day before, but they still had a very strong and annoying artificial smell.

Rainy… 23. August 2016

 For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and some tuna-carrot rice wrapped in a nori sheet.

 Unchoko. Grape flavoured lucky/poop chocolate in a cute kappa box :p Since it was so quirky, I did a short video of it too:

The name is a wordplay where “un” can both mean luck and poop. It’s accurate as the little kappa “poops” out the choco-balls from its rear and you can tell your fortune by which coloured ball comes out first. Since it was a green ball for me, it means my popularity luck should go up :p A pink ball would have meant money luck and a purple one diet luck :p

 Nestle Cheerios Oats with milk.

 Dinner was roasted tomato soup with sour cream and grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto.

 Hot cocoa and a couple of these cookies. The hot chocolate was so good and warm, but the cookies were a tad bit disappointing. They had a very artificial strong smell that irritated me and their taste was just meh.


It was a tranquil rainy day with a bit of thunder. I wish things in my head could have been as tranquil.

Eugheugheugh… 22. August 2016

 Lemon-lime quark.

 Toasted rye bread with cheese spread and tomato; also a cup of instant cheese soup.

 Egg and wakame soup with some tuna-carrot onigiri.


So, Lyme disease is beyond annoying. I feel constantly tired and weak. My hands and feet ache and suddenly I have trouble walking for a longer period of time. I have walked a lot this summer and usually pretty long distances too without trouble, but now I feel weak and breathless already after some minutes😦 I hope the antibiotics make this all go away soon.

I did however manage to write a bit of my thesis again. It wasn’t much, but I consider it a progress. Baby steps in trying to get this train going.

Cake fail… 20. August 2016

 Porridge with pumpkin seeds and butter.

 Grilled salmon, salad with grilled cheese and some fried battered mushroom. Also had some very weak wine with tonic water.

 Grilled chicken and sausage, another piece of mushroom and more grilled cheese salad.

I also had some spicy grilled mushrooms and veggies, but forgot to take a photo.

 Chocolate pear brownie cake. This cake didn’t turn out too well, it was too runny and thus ruined in my eyes. It was still edible though. I will, however, never again try to follow a recipe with American measurements, because their cups and sticks of butter make no sense and always become somewhat of a mess of a result after trying to convert the measurements into the European ones. But I think that recipe was flawed anyway, because some of the measurements felt unbalanced even already in the original format.


We went to visit our friends who live nearby and spent the evening sitting in their garden and consuming horrendous amounts of delicious food. It was super lovely.

I like this song lately:

Virtual training… 19. August 2016

 Nestle Cheerios Oats with milk and a cup of coffee.

 Innocent smoothie plus – defence: mango, orange, pumpkin and flax seed smoothie.

 Fried rice with eggs and ume furikake, bran crispbread with “crab” meat and cucumber.

 A peach.

 Potato and zucchini casserole with tomato.


I wanted to go to a workout in the sports club, but there weren’t any suitable group workouts where I usually go to schedule for the day. I noticed however that there was a BodyBalance class scheduled, but instead of an instructor name, it had a note next to it saying: virtual training. Now I was pretty sceptical, because I figured it would be a workout following a video, but without a better option, I decided to check it out anyway. To my dismay it actually was a video instruction workout without any instructor involvement at all.

First of all, the beginning was 20 minutes late, because the lady, who was supposed to turn on the video for us, forgot to come and do so. Then the entire thing was another 10 minutes late, because she couldn’t get the projector working. Finally, she left me and other 3 people alone to follow the video. It was super awkward and everyone was trying to pretend that the other people were not there. I’m not sure how, but the atmosphere was different from a regular, instructor led, workout and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Secondly, what annoyed me was that it was hard to follow the video. I couldn’t see properly to the screen without my classes and it’s kind of difficult to keep track what is happening on some screen above you when you are supposed to face downward in the exercises. It’s much easier to follow a person on the same level as you are for sure. It would have been kind of okay had it been the same program we usually do in the instructor led classes, but I think it was some older version of it.

So never again.

Also I was rather confused on why would anyone pay for such a practice? I mean you could do something like that at home, following instructions from youtube and it would be free to do so.

Things no one told you about growing old… 18. August 2016

 A vanilla kohuke

 A banana, some blueberry-banana smoothie with chia seeds and oats; a cup of coffee and bran crispbread with chicken ham and cucumber.

 Eva gifted me a gadget to make onsen tamago with, so I tested it out.. There is a photo of the pot on my instagram account if you are curious. The egg turned out great😀 I served it over some brown rice with ume furikake. I also made some cucumber-tomato salad with Polish style cottage cheese.

 So dinner was: leftover zucchini tart from yesterday, brown rice with onsen tamago and ume furikake, and cucumber-tomato salad with cottage cheese. I wish I had warmed up the zucchini tart in the oven as I am not too overly fond of the taste of cold cheese, but eh, it was still good.


I went to the doctor to get my birth marks checked. I have a lot of them and I haven’t really done a check-up on them before. Plus, one of the birthmarks on my leg had started giving me trouble. It had a weird texture and sometimes it “got in the way” when sitting and it often got sore when chafed against my trousers. However, it turned out that this birthmark wasn’t a birthmark at all, but some sort of keratosis! I was pretty freaked out, but the doctor said that it’s a normal thing that comes with aging and one simply has to reckon with such things. No one ever told me that stuff other than birthmarks would start growing on me and that it’s normal when I age D:

Anyhow, I got a prescription for some exfoliating skin cream and a long lecture on how I absolutely should never ever sunbathe. I am not certain why the doctor felt I needed the lecture, considering it’s summer and I am barely tanned anyway. Did it really look like I am the kind of person to grill myself under the sun much?

Also, I finally opened up my thesis file again and did some revision on the text I already have. I didn’t write anything new yet, but I consider it progress none the less, because so far I had been unable even to open the damn file. I was kind of baffled when I opened the file and discovered all my footnotes to be a mess. How can things change and go wrong like that in a file I haven’t touched for a while?