Photo randomness

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Two photos that my boyfriend took at my birthday :)



A monster cat preparing to destroy your magical castle



People working:



 Boyfriend and dad


Hangover… 26. April 2015

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 Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheese

 Chocolate covered zefir

 Pumpkin soup with sour cream

 Coffee and chocolate ice cream

Stop stressing me out with the baby talk… 25. April 2015

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 Coffee and pancake with meat paté

 Another pancake with apple jam

 Mashed potatoes with minced meat sauce. Also notice how I decorated the green coffee mug :D

 Raspberry quark cake we got for my grandmother

 Had some of the cake and coffee

Grilled chicken, salad, fresh cucumber and marinated cucumber, marinated pumpkin, also a tiny sandwich

All the well laid plans that never work… 24. April 2015

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 Some wakame miso soup and scrambled eggs with vegetables

 Porridge with peanut butter and raspberry jam

 A baguette with ham and eggs; also coffee.


It was a funny discovery that my little brother doesn’t like raspberry jam, which in my opinion is one of the best jams in existence. My brother opted for a less sweet red currant jam instead. Weird kid.

Trolls… 23. April 2015

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 Chocolate brownie and coffee

 Some wakame miso soup

 More wakame miso woup and some salad

A feast of gluten… 22. April 2015

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 Multigrain cereal with quinoa in milk and a banana

 Kismet ice cream. It has a crispy wafer bits in the covering chocolate glaze.

 All sorts of pastry: cheese pastry, quark pastry, Karelian pastry, spinach and feta cheese pastry, sugar pastry, chocolate brownies. Also some corn puffs covered with toffee.


I ate so many pastry that my stomach is now upset with me xD But I had a friend visiting who can’t eat much of anything else due to her allergies and digestion problems, so a pastry feast it was. No regrets though as most of the stuff was delicious :P

Too late… 21. April 2015

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 Fried potatoes, salad with sour cream and a couple of fried eggs

 Mesikäpp chocolate ice cream

 Coffee and a banana

 An apple

 Noodle soup with zucchini and mushrooms, fried potatoes with eggs and some salad with sour cream

 Buckwheat cake with peanut butter and raspberry jam


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