Animatsuri 2015

We went to Animatsuri in Tartu, the only anime/manga convention we have in Estonia. I have been there only once before, but that time I was at our school’s booth, handing out flyers and telling people about learning about different Asian cultures and languages. I think I preferred the booth option a bit more, even though I didn’t get to go to any of the lectures or take part of any of the workshops. I still saw a lot of cool cosplay and got to socialize with different people. Also we were there for the entire two days.

This time I didn’t get to go to any of the lectures either, because we slept in and then boyfriend had to get some work done, so by the time we got there, the lectures I was interested in were already over. So we did a short tour on the festival grounds, bought some mochi and a cat pillow for a friend of mine, and then since it was super hot and crowded in there, we decided to go somewhere else and get coffee. So it was a short visit. I regret not buying anything from the people in the artist/flea-market corner… but we kind of stormed through that area for some reason.

It was a pity that we stayed for such a short time… I mean I even dressed up for the occasion. But then again, last time I had a purpose to be there, but this time I would probably have gotten bored quickly anyway, as I had no friends who went there and dunno… what do you actually do there the entire day if you are not a hard-core anime/manga fan who has friends around? Perhaps the short visit was actually a good thing.

Also, since my anxiety kicked in due to me being in a public space in a costume, there aren’t really any photos of the convention. Instead, have a photo of me in a Gachapin kigurumi drinking coffee:

 photo gachapin.jpgNot a single person recognized my character, even people at the convention kept calling me a frog or a funny bug :(


Sauna is awesome… 19. September 2015

 Epic breakfast: coffee, mashed potatoes with meat sauce and tomato-cucumber sour cream salad. Liia makes the best coffee and Agu’s mom makes the best meat sauce ever.


 Finger food: garlic bread, popcorn, pickled onion and potato peels

 Fried fish

 Corn puffs, Kinder Schoko-bons, chocolate cookies and halva (that I didn’t like)

Train ride … 18. September 2015

 Egg and ham baguette and coffee from Statoil

 White bread with chocolate bread

 Stuff from a “make your own” salad station at a grocery store

 A piña colada cocktail


We took the train to Tartu. I think that was the second time I ever rode a train in Estonia and the first time I’ve been on the new and fancy trains. I liked that the trip was faster than it would have been with a bus or a car and I really liked having a lot of space in the first class area (the table was also an added bonus), but the chairs were super uncomfortable and I really hate air-conditioning- my throat started feeling weird about 30 minutes into the trip and it was sore by the next morning. Still, I think it’s more convenient to take the train to Tartu than any other vehicle.

Getting school stuff in order… 17. September 2015

 Coffee and a lazy onigiri

 Got a coffe drink from a new place. Their Salted caramel latte was really good.

 Celebratory lunch at Tokumaru: some sushi and shrimp tempura. The food was good, I’ve missed eating tempura, so I was super enjoying it. My only complaint would be that the sushi was very sloppily made and fell apart already on the plate :(

 Ice Dog vanilla ice cream. It was almost impossible to get the wrapping off this ice cream without breaking the entire thing. Almost half of the ice cream fell on the ground when I tried to get the wrapper off.

 Wiener pastry and salad

 Tea and pastry cream pastry (keedukreemi koogike noh)

Such disappointment… 14. September 2015

 Pineapple and orange Yosa Sport. This was so bad. I don’t know if it was the stevia or the added calcium… but the texture was all wrong and the taste pretty gross. I was so excited about finding a new flavour of Yosa on sale, but I will most definetly not buy this one again.

 Toasted bread with butter and meatball soup with sour cream

 More meatball soup with sour cream and a cup of coffee

 Halva ice cream

 Pineapple juice