A night out with an old friend… 13. August 2015

 Berry smoothie, coffee

 Toast with cheese and mushroom ham

 Some pelmeni with sour cream

 A chicken “burger” with green curry sauce and a Mint Julep @ FRANK.
I wouldn’t have personally called that “burger” a burger… it was a sandwich xD But it was good, despite that it was a tad bit tricky to eat.

 Beer and French fries with dip @ Dubliner

 More beer, another plate of French fries and then jalapeno poppers


Anna was visiting from Norway so we met up for some drinks and good times. We ended up bar hopping and I stayed out for way longer than I had originally planned to :p I also overindulged in beer and food, but I had such a great time, so doesn’t really matter :p

Flea Market… 8. August 2015

 Porridge with red currant jam

 Iced coffee

 Beef sandwich

 Cinnamon cookies

Potato pastry, salad and some kvass


We went to a flea market to sell some of our old things we didn’t need any more. It was a fun experience and kind of funny how my old junk became someone else’s treasure. What was left over from the market day, we took to a re-use centre.