On drip coffee… 25. July 2016

 Omelette with champignon mushrooms

 Seibutsu Zukan (The Field Guide of Living Things) gummy candies. The gummies were sea creature shaped and there was a trading card with a picture of a frilled shark in the pack as well.

 Baked rice with carrots, spinach and a mix of green veggies + salad with lamb’s lettuce and vinegar marinated garlic cloves.

 Boyfriend brought home some pastry again, so coffee was in order. The first pastry was with quark and the croissant like pastry was filled with cherry jam.


I’ve been wanting a drip coffee machine for a while now, because, honestly, I quite like drip coffee. I’m not sure why drip coffee has such a negative reputation. Perhaps it’s because people leave the coffee in the pot for hours and then it turns stale and gross? I like drip coffee, because it doesn’t usually have any coffee ground residue in it and it’s usually less oily. I still love my French press too, but I also would like to have a drip coffee machine as well.

So when I brought it up some time ago in conversation with my boyfriend’s relatives, they said they had almost a brand new barely unused drip coffee machine just laying around and they could give it to me. Awesome. However, the machine had been out of the box in a building in progress and thus was covered in gypsum dust, mud and clay:/ I thought I could clean it up and I did, but after seeing what kind of crap came out of it I didn’t feel I wanted to drink any coffee from that machine. I mean I did get it properly clean, but just couldn’t get over the icky factor afterwards. So I took it to a re-use centre. Perhaps some poor soul will be happy with that cheap coffee machine if they don’t know where it has been and what it has been through.

Now I told about my woes to my mom and turned out that she too had a drip coffee machine just laying around xD This time the machine just seems to be dusty. We’ll see how it goes with this one after I scrub it clean :p

Cool things I found while wasting time online #16

This is a post of interesting things I’ve found online (and sometimes offline) in one week. These things may include among others: recipes, fandom stuff, interesting articles or artwork.

This time it’s several weeks’ worth of things, because stuff happened😛 And because stuff happened, there really isn’t that much in the list😛

  • So the trailer for “The Girl With All the Gifts” is out and oh boy does it look promising😀 I really loved the book, so I am hoping the movie will be good😀
  • These Skinny Watermelon Margaritas look so pretty and delicious. Someone, please, make them for me?😀
  • I need to make this Skillet Crispy Lemon Chicken with White Wine Sauce, because lemony crispy chicken? Heck yeah! I don’t have a skillet tho…
  • These Baked Sea Salt and Pepper Potato Chips look so much better than any packaged potato chip ever has. I’ve never made my own potato chips and I am hesitant to try, but this recipe seems simple enough. Perhaps, perhaps.
  • How’s this for a creative cocktail? :O
  • A hilarious Japanese commercial for HeartStone😀 It probably doesn’t make much sense if you don’t know about the etiquette in Japanese corporate culture, but eh, let’s just say that  a Japanese boss won’t be bowing to a mere secretary in passing :p Unless she is superior to him in HeartStone that is :p
  • I need this Chocolate and Pear Brownie Pie so badly. Maybe If I’ve been good with eating and excercise this week, I’ll make it as a treat.

Drop me a line or two if you liked or found anything interesting in my choices as well😀

I don’t like things that are too hot… unless it’s food… 24. July 2016

 Totrilla pizza with tomatoes, smoked chicken and champignons.

 A chocolate kohuke. It had extra chocolate bits inside.

 Pancakes with fresh blueberry jam.


There are a couple of really annoying things about the gym I go to. First of all, it’s super hot there. I start sweating and dripping already when changing into my workout clothes in the dressing room:/ I feel it’s rather unpleasant to start exercising with your face already red and dripping and your hands uncomfortably wet. Perhaps it’s not that hot by normal standards, but I am rather heat sensitive. I’m just thinking, wouldn’t everyone like to work out in a cooler environment instead of a mild sauna?

The second annoying thing is that the showers are too hot and you can’t regulate the water temperature😦 I got so many odd looks in the shower room when I kept yelping whenever the water hit me in the 5 second bursts you could have it running. It felt scorching hot to me. Boyfriend suggested trying out different showers and that sometimes some of them would have colder water, but I feel it’s awkward going around the shower room pressing buttons😦

No mushrooms, no blueberries… 23. July 2016

 Carrot-celery risotto and a glass of kefir.

 Soft serve chocolate ice cream.

 Shared this roasted corn Tupla chocolate with my boyfriend. It was good, but nothing special.

 Shared a bag of baby carrots with the boyfriend as well.

 Tortilla pizza with tomato, champignons, pickled garlic, smoked chicken and mozzarella cheese.

 Laima Tagad chocolate with popcorn bits and a cup of coffee. Shared the chocolate with my boyfriend like usual. Now this chocolate was super delicious! I bought this one from my short trip to Latvia, haven’t seen it on sale around here yet.


Boyfriend and his brother went to some open-pit mining place to ride their enduro bikes and I tagged along in the hopes of maybe finding some blueberries or mushrooms in the nearby woods. Sadly, there were no mushrooms and the few blueberry bushes I found were already picked clean. Well I managed to find a handful of blueberries, but not as much as I would have liked. Oh well, at least I had a nice long walk in the woods.

Smoothies are expensive… 22. July 2016

 Some kefir with kama flour and corn flakes

 This Innocent Smoothie Plus antioxidant smoothie was on sale, so I thought I’d give it a try. It had kiwifruit, lime, wheatgrass and flax seeds in it among other stuff. It was pretty delicious.

 Carrot-celery risotto. Recipe that I roughly used can be found here.

Space Girl… 21. July 2016

 Salad with pumpkin seeds, avocado and some corn flakes. Corn flakes go surprisingly well into a salad😀

 A glass of kefir and a banana with some peanut butter.

 Coca Cola Life. I had a sip from the can to taste it, boyfriend finished the rest. It tasted like Coca Cola Light, but supposedly it’s healthier? Idk.

 Chicken soup with sour cream.


Boyfriend refuses to play Pokémon Go with me😦 What a party pooper that guy is.
Also I am amused that Microsoft Word knows exactly how Pokémon is supposed to be spelled xD

Not too fond of the animation in this video, but the song is really good:

Temptations… 20. July 2016

 Coffee and a banana

 Wheat porridge with different seeds and honey

 A cappuccino and a slice of salmon quiche

 Chicken soup. I added some sour cream into it a bit later.

 Another banana with some peanut butter


I went out for a walk with Kerttu during the day. It was a good opportunity to try out Pokémon GO, that just launched in Estonia, and finally go check out Snikt– a local comic book store. Pokémon GO is pretty fun albeit slightly confusing on the mechanics side. I think I shall be going out for walks more often from now on xD

Going to Snikt was a big mistake, because it sells amazing stuff and I want it all D: I think I know where my monthly “free use money” will go from now on. The owner is a super cool guy as well and we had a blast talking with him.

I ended giving in to the temptation and bought this Deadpool Corps shirt😀 It’s so awesome!