A slower day… 21. September 2016

 Coffee and some kama I shared with my boyfriend.

 An apple.

 Lunch at Rataskaevu 16. Amazing restaurant this place! I started with this amazing latte.


 We shared a pumpkin soup with the boyfriend.

 Complimentary delicious bread and butter. Also tiny snacks with horseradish I think they were.

 Slow-roasted duck leg, hulled barley with leeks and a cherry sauce. This was so good! The duck meat was super tender and the cherry sauce was spot on with everything.

 Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry-lime sauce. Omnomnom!

 Hot cocoa @ Café More

 A cucumber and gin cocktail @ Scotland Yard Pub

Thick meat soup and bread with butter @ Olde Hansa. I also had a jug of mead! Olde Hansa is a fantastic place really. I really enjoyed the meat soup and the atmosphere there.

 Strengthened house coffee with whipped cream and St.John’s cake. The coffee was great, but the cake was a bit too gingerbready for me, so boyfriend got to eat that :p


Oh gosh. We took a bit of a slower day with our guests without so much walking xD We visited Tallinn City Museum and after that we mostly sat in different cafés and restaurants and did some light souvenir shopping in between. I was in a complete blissful food coma by the end of the day😀

 Good company😀

 Pub time. Photo by boyfriend. I look so tired.

Great atmosphere and amazing live music @ Olde Hansa

  Mead time! Photo by Sempi.

The zoo and an escape room… 20. September 2016

 Oatmeal porridge with honey and a cup of coffee.

 Golden fried shrimp (with potato breading and sweet & spicy sauce) @ Mack Bar-B-Que. These were so yummy!

 Damnation burger (mozzarella, fiery hot mayo, jalapeno salsa, nachos, coleslaw). So juicy and deliciously spicy! I also had a delicious orange lemonade.,

 Mulk’s porridge with chanterelle and pork sauce; some salad and buttered rye bread on the side.


We went to the zoo in the morning and ended up spending most of the day there. I keep forgetting how big Tallinn Zoo has become and how long it actually takes to walk through the entire place. I love the zoo though and I am always so happy to see how they are working over there to give all the animals better habitats. The place used to be a tiny terrible concrete box where all animals lived in small cages with no greenery around, but now it’s really becoming a beautiful place with hopefully happier animals.

 Pretty Bird


 Food Time

One of the golden eagles took a particular interest in my boyfriend and chased him around in his cage. This was super peculiar!

 Big Cow



 Derpy Goat

 The Scariest Carnivore of Them All. Yikes!

 All the Monkeys xD

 Baby Monkey ♥

 A Blue Crab


 Vantsid ♥

Later in the evening we went to Escape Room. I’ve never been to an escape room before so I had really no idea what to expect. We tried out their “Prison Break” game where you had to, surprise-surprise, bust out of a prison in 60minutes. I am so glad I went there with smart people, because I couldn’t have figured out half of the puzzles myself xD I managed to open one code locked box, which was my only feat in the game… but it was super fun! We had about 8 minutes left on the timer when we got out. I want to go again😀

We eventually crashed at our place where I cooked our guests some dinner. First time I managed a proper mulk’s porridge, so I think this all was a success😀

Guildies… 19. September 2016

 Rye cereal with some added strawberry cereal from Candy Japan with milk.

 Complimentary bread and butter @ Kuldse Notsu Kõrts.

 Fried liver in creamy sauce served with Mulk’s porridge and beet salad. This was absolutely fantastic. The liver was super tender. I haven’t had properly cooked liver for a while, so I was overjoyed. Kuldse Notsu Kõrts was quite a positive experience in general. We stepped in by random and were not disappointed, all the dishes were great.

 A latte with cocoa powder and a pistachio chocolate chip roll @ Kehrwieder. I shared the pastry with my boyfriend.


 Duck salad @ Karja Kelder. The salad wasn’t too good😦


My guildies from Rift, Sempi and Sylva (game nicknames) from England, came for a visit😀 It was great to finally meet them. We spent the first day walking around Tallinn and enjoying the
sights around.

 Lunch at Kuldse Notsu Kõrts

 An apple tree high up

 Enjoying the view(s)😉


 A fitting graffiti for us😀

 Flying squirrel


Busy day… 18. September 2016

 Heated up smoked meat pizza leftovers from the restaurant the other night.

 Got a latte from Epic Coffee. So good!

 A delicious apple from my grandmother’s garden.

 Coffee and a rye bread sandwich with bacon and tomato.

 Coffee and pear chocolate cake with hazelnuts.

 Fried potatoes with sour cream and some salad.


I had a busy day: I baked a cake in the morning, then went out to town to find gifts for friends. Later I went to my parent’s place to help my mom replant some plants and pick up some goodies from my grandmother. Even later in the evening we briefly visited Marit and exchanged some fresh pears for the cake I baked in the morning. So day full of “foraging” and busy.

Omurice… 17. September 2016

 Apple pie (I had two slices) and coffee.

 Omurice (omelette rice) with ketchup and some salad (radishes, tomatoes, cucumber).
While watching “Sweetness and Lightning” the other night an interlude screenshot with omurice flashed by and my boyfriend said he had no idea what that exactly was, so I explained what it was and promised I’d cook it for him. The omelette is stuffed with chicken, vegetables (corn, green peas, red bell pepper) and rice that have been seasoned with ketchup and soy sauce. It was pretty difficult to stuff the omelette and flip it over to the plate. I messed up my own completely, so pictured above is the one my boyfriend got, because that one actually turned out okay-ish😛

 Another slice of apple pie and a cup of chamomile tea.


We spent the day cleaning our apartment. It hasn’t been this clean for a while and it’s super nice. Too bad it won’t stay like this for long😦