Hairdresser extraordinaire… 8. July 2015

 Semolina porridge with red currant jam

 Sweet cherries

 Egg noodles with sauce

 Chicken soup with sour cream

 Strawberries with whipped cream


I went to visit Kadi to cut her hair. I honestly know nothing of cutting hair properly, but I have cut Kadi’s hair quite a few times now and she hasn’t murdered me yet, so I must be doing something right :p

Back in Tallinn… 5. July 2015

 Coffee, cherries in chocolate and Kinder Bueno Dark chocolate

 Ice cream. It had an apple-black currant jam filling.

 Rice cake with cream cheese, cucumber and ham; a cup of tea

 Blueberry smoothie

Miso soup, salad and lavash with cream cheese and ham


I’ve had some pretty stressful times lately and I didn’t deal with it too well, so I have once again fallen behind with my blog. There were even some days where I didn’t take photos of my food due to either forgetting to do so or due to being ashamed of how much I ate… but I’ll try to get the posts up none the less and catch up again quickly.

Hard Rock Laager 2015 – Day 2

First some photos from the previous day still as the clock dinged and my camera created a new folder to store the photos. I forgot that the last band was on stage nearly until 1am or so. Sometimes I wish my camera would function in the same principle as I do: it’s not the next day until I have gone to sleep and woken up again… but that’s just me being silly :p

 Anaal Nathrakh

 Getting some hot coffee to stay warm

Actual Day 2 pictures under the cut below:

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