people are amazing

Customer: “I need to return this toothbrush.”
Me: “Do you have a receipt?”
Customer: “No – I thought it would work.”
Me: “How did it not work?”
Customer: “Well, it said it had indicator bristles, and when I peed on them they didn’t change color! How is it supposed to indicate if I’m pregnant or not?!”
Me: “Ma’am…they’re to indicate whether the toothbrush needs replacing, not whether you’re pregnant.”
Customer: *looks sheepish and leaves*
Me: *to manager* “I’m going on break now…”


Annika: but imagine the prospects- a toothbrush and a pregnancy test in one!
Val: I know!
Val: all that rubbish about not keeping your toothbrush next to a toilet no longer applies
Val: you can pee straight on it! 8D
Annika: xDDDDDDDd

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