I work in a café. Yesterday this happened:

Scrawny lady: You used to sell some kind of minced meat pasties, don’t you have them anymore?
Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have them today.
Scrawny lady: Hmm I’ll have a cheese-roll then.
Me: *gives her the cheese-roll and also the coffee she orders*
Scrawny lady: *leaves to eat*
*about five minutes later she’s back* You didn’t warn me that there is ham in that cheese-roll! I’m a vegetarian!
Me: *blink* ehhh?
Scrawny lady: *snorts angrily and leaves*

So first you ask about minced meat pasties and then you are a vegetarian? Indeed.

bento club

A couple of photos from the bento club meeting last week. Liisa accompanied me and Maarja with her fabulous home-made pizza!

nomnomnom~ ♥

We mostly ate the pizza though, because there was a lot of it and it was delicious. ♥

hayakuchi kotoba

I am currently obsessing over Japanese tongue twisters 😀

The only one I can say so far is: 生麦生米生卵 (nama mugi nama gome nama tamago)

Other cool ones I found:
*スモモも桃も桃のうち 桃もスモモも桃のうち
(sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi momo mo sumomo mo momo no uchi)

(uraniwa ni wa niwa niwa ni wa niwa niwatori ga iru)

(kaeru pyokopyoko mipyokopyoko awasete pyokopyoko mypyokopyoko)

There were more, but these were my favorite.

air yakiniku

Air Yakiniku

There is a neat new webpage dedicated to people who really want to eat yakiniku, but can’t afford it. The website offers a lovely soft with a tutorial to help people create the illusion of eating yakiniku… I wonder if the method is really sufficient to actually satisfy the hunger for meat.

I just like to sit and watch the meat cooking… gosh, it looks so delicious.
*mouth watering* *stomach rumbling*


My little brother is calling me “Ika,” because my name is too long for him to say, and thus my not so little sister has proceeded to call me “Squid.”
Ika means squid in Japanese.