Some fun with Japanese

I picked out some kanji a while back to represent my name. I’m not really sure if that particular kanji is ever used in names, but the readings matched and the general idea of the whole combination turned out pretty cute too.

Annika = 餡丹華
If roughly put together it means- Bean Jam Red Petal

Another thing I did was creating a sentence out of my birth date. There is this Japanese word-game thingy or system where every number corresponds with a couple of syllables from the hiragana/katakana list. And using that system one can create simple sentences to remember dates and such. I don’t exactly remember how it was done anymore, because it was a while ago, but this is what I came up with. I thought it was pretty funny.

1986年4月9日 = 苺に病ませて死んで苦しむ。
Being made sick by the strawberries I die and suffer.

I suppose it’s no big news that I was born on a very ill-omened date according to Japanese superstition… but I just felt like adding some strawberries to it.