Feil… 16.Sept 2009

Breakfast/lunch/dinner in one at 5pm: cooked salmon, potatoes, random sauce and salad @ the academic library café.

I packed myself some food to take along to school, but managed to forget it at home. So yeah… had two giant cups of coffee instead xD Felt funky xD Most likely not healthy tho. Oh well, life’s short anyway.

Second dinner (you know, like a hobbit… only I am a fail-hobbit really): fried meat, pickled cucumber, tomato salad.

I have now officially failed in not eating meat for a month. Well, you try not to eat meat when they cook it in front of your nose all the time! Damn it, I’m a carnivore, not a rabbit.

Yes, I am tired.

3 thoughts on “Feil… 16.Sept 2009

  1. Dipsy says:

    Dunno if you eat nuts, but always having nuts to snack on in your bag is a good thing. Eating only two meals a day is really unhealthy. 😦


    • annika says:

      Yeah, I know it’s unhealthy 😦 I’m trying to eat healthy and properly, but I find it being rather difficult sometimes.
      Nuts sound like a good idea. Thanks.


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