MUFFINSH… 11.Nov 2009

Hah, I was uploading my food pictures, but since I upped the following pictures in a different folder I ended up skipping a day! Well, anyway there was a muffin party @ Marit’s place 🙂

I made…

Maccha-chocolate muffins &…

Peanut butter chocolate chip muffins!

Liisa in action :p

Muffins *-*

The mandatory photographing of the goods :p

More muffins!

Then we played a character guessing game. In that game starring:

Maarja as Frodo

Liisa as Walt Disney

Me as Spock

Marit as Elisabeth II

Also Josie starred as Luke Skywalker at some point :p

It was a good game!

My last challenge was to guess that I was Tokugawa Ieyasu and I failed so bad! xD It was so damn funny, because I figured out who I was supposed to be, but just couldn’t remember his name… it was horrible! 4,5 years of university and this is what you get then, eh? FRUSTRATING AS HELL I TELL YOU.
Tokugawa Ieyasu, my archenemy, I shall not forget this!

Altogether it was a wonderful evening. I had loads of fun!

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