*wonders if she’ll be feeling The Force soon*… 12.Nov 2009

rice with nori and egg furikake


I have a funny feeling that I have already written about this at some point, but since I feel too tired to be bothered to check then here we go again.  It seems that I have developed a dislike towards raw salmon, so instead of enjoying my dinner I ended up feeling nauseous. Later dad informed me that it hadn’t been salmon at all this time but trout, so I’m guessing it’s raw red fish in general then that I don’t like anymore. Shame.

But it’s probably a perfect example of what can happen if you eat something too much… and I have the feeling I’ve eaten too much sushi with red fish.

No more sushi for me, unless it’s with Tuna (yes with a capital T). Oh sweet Tuna, how I miss thee…

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