So I was in Italy for ten days, visiting my friend Erick. Mostly we just hung out with amazing people, ate good food and watched a lot of awesome movies. So, despite my health being a bit crappy, I had a really good time.

It was my first time in Italy. So, what impression did I get from the country? I’m not really sure even xD The air there is awful and dirty (I developed breathing problems :s), the traffic is CRAZY… and for some reason the entire country goes to sleep from 1PM to 6PM every day. That means that everything closes… and when I say everything, then I mean 99% of all the establishments are closed during which in my opinion should be the busiest time of the day.

But the people I met were really friendly, food was beyond delicious and the scenery beautiful (despite the cranes. cranes are big in Italy!)…

Anyway, now some random photos I took while there:

The centre of Vicenza

Random giant pig-bear

In Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa


Bullet holes

We tried to get up there, but couldn’t find a way…

Pretty street

View from Monte Berico

This made me smile

Monte Berico

The flying infant

Our friends for the evening

Glasses and green light we found

Green light

On the way to Asiago

Hazy mountain

The way up the mountain



Oh no!


This is not Silent Hill

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