More than just Pinocchio

“And what do we do about it? And about Data?” he added after a moment, looking down upon his fallen Tinkertoy.
“We leave him,” I said. “He always irritated me with his endless yammering about wanting to be human.” In a perfect imitation of Data’s mechanical whine, I said, “Oh, I wish I weren’t a poor, helpless android who is stronger than ten combined humans, and can think faster and know more than any creature that has ever walked on two legs upon the dreary earth. Oh, beat me with a stick, I wish I were human.” I shook my head, and returning to my own voice, I said, “He could be running your planet, your entire Federation if he chose. But instead all this android wants is to be less than he is. What a tremendous waste of material.”

~John de Lancie & Peter David – “I, Q”

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