Picard is slow

“Problem, Picard?”
“I felt… for a moment I felt, as if…”
“We were everywhere?” I asked.
He nodded. “It was an odd sensation… like…”
“Dreaming, yes, yes.”
“Will you stop finishing my sentences, Q?”
“Then talk faster.”

~John de Lancie & Peter David – “I, Q”

I am quite obviously enjoying this book to bits. I wish there was more Q in the actual TNG series… and more bantering like that!

Q is my favourite thing when it comes to Star Trek TNG. Well, he’s sharing the first place with Data. I can’t really decide which one of them I like better. The omnipotent bi-special douchebag and the overqualified toaster with a Pinocchio-complex- I like them both!

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