Here and there

On the 17th we went to see an open air play called “Kalevipoeg kuningaks!?” at Suur Munamägi with my parents and Indrek. The drive there was way too long, but altogether it was worth the trouble because the play was really good 🙂 Since we had some time before the play we climbed up to the watch tower to enjoy the view a little bit.

Now a slight problem about the entire trip was that it was pouring down rain and thundering during most the of the play xD But it was okay as we had come semi-prepared for such an occasion. We still got pretty wet and it was one uncomfortable 4 hour ride home because of that xD

The next evening I met up with Yuka and Josie for a few drinks @ Texas. Good food and good company 🙂 Thanks!
And a couple of really blurry mirror photos from the event as well:

Last weekend I went to Pärnu and Uulu with Masashi. I had promised to show him around a bit, but as it was mostly raining on Saturday we mostly had to sit indoors. We did go to the Pärnu museum and had dinner at Steffani though. In the evening when it stopped raining for a while we managed to go to the pier and explore the woods a bit near Uulu, but that was pretty much it.

On Sunday he helped me to pick red currants at my grandparents place and then we went to Pärnu again. It was funny for me playing tourist in my own old hometown. Too bad there isn’t much to see in Pärnu xD It’s kind of funny really. But I really like is how beautiful Pärnu has become over the past few years 🙂 I greatly approve of the change 🙂

@ the beach

The Tallinn gates were painted pink! :O What the hell?

Koidula Park

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