Weirdness @ Kohvik Komeet… 1. September 2010

oatmeal porridge with honey, hot cocoa

mashed potatoes with wine sauce, fried rabbit
The rabbit was done after one of Jamie Olivers recipes. Only dad accidentally used bread crumbs instead of white bread crumbs. It was still really good tho.

dessert @ Kohvik Komeet
I had a pistachio cream cheese cake and a latte.

Now Kohvik Komeet is pretty expensive and disappointing really. The cakes all look and sound really fancy and delicious, but they don’t taste that good at all. It feels as if they were made from quite cheap ingredients and often aren’t what they are promised to be. For instance my pistachio cake was mostly flavoured with bitter almond essence and to hide the fact that it really wasn’t a pistachio cake they had added some pistachio pieces on top of it to cloud the essence taste.
The bite I stole from the chocolate cake my brother and sister shared didn’t taste particularly good either.

And there was this unpleasant incident as well. My mom ordered a white chocolate strawberry cake, but they brought her a cake that was decorated with peaches. When my mom explained that she had in fact ordered a strawberry cake not a peach cake, the waitress told her that due to ingredient shortage in the kitchen they had to make the strawberry cake with peaches instead… like, okay… couldn’t she have told us that earlier then? Well, mom ate the cake, but said it wasn’t very good and there didn’t seem to be a trace of chocolate in it either. Later, when we were leaving, my sister noticed that they had the strawberry cake on display on the counter… what is confusing is why the waitress had to lie to us? And it’s not like they got new ingredients and made the cake while we were there, because after thinking back, we remembered that the cake had been there since the beginning. So basically, the waitress brought my mom the wrong cake (there is an actual peach cake on the menu) and for some unknown reason refused to acknowledge her mistake.

Coffee. My coffee tasted quite good actually, but my moms coffee was cold and burnt.

What else? The café was unpleasantly noisy for some reason and thus not comfortable at all. The only good thing about the place seemed to be the beautiful evening view from the windows, but that was basically it.

Kind of disappointing after all the good reviews I have read about the place.

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