GUILD @ Tapper

Big news! Or maybe not so big news anymore… but anyway, a v-kei band called GUILD will hold a concert @ Tapper. And I will be there to see them.

Most of my friends already know about this, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to advertise it a bit here as well, just in case there happen to be some Estonian jrock fans reading my blog that I don’t know about and who don’t happen to know about this concert yet.

I’m quite exited about this, because those guys sound rather promising for a v-kei band. I mean, sadly most newer indie v-kei bands are plain awful these days, so it’s really nice to stumble upon something that doesn’t sound like terrible noise or a copy of some more famous band. And it’s even nicer when that particular promising band happens to come and play in your country.

So, I’m going and I’m really hoping it will be fun. It would be nice if everyone, who read my blog, could come. The more the merrier!

Tickets available HERE!

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