GUILD (& Shirubi Ikazuchi) @ Tapper

Finally have the time to write about this event :s

So GUILD’s warm-up band was something called Shirubi Ikazuchi (from Estonia) which quite honestly was simply horrible. When I listened to their stuff on myspace a few days before the concert I wasn’t really impressed, but their live performance was ten times worse than I expected. We stood there for about 3 songs making fun of them and waiting for it to get better, but it didn’t, so we decided that they didn’t even deserve our polite being there and went back to the Tapper bar until they finished playing. They seemed to play for an awfully long time too… x_x

Now GUILD on the other hand was a wonderful and refreshing experience. To be honest I don’t ever remember enjoying an indie VK concert in Japan as much as I enjoyed GUILD’s performance. They were so lovely and cheerful, their music was really catchy and they really knew how to work the crowd despite the fact that they mainly spoke in Japanese and I’m pretty sure that 90% of the audience could probably only guess what they were saying.

It was all really fun and enjoyable. I jumped and headbanged a lot. And as Anna perfectly put it- suddenly felt so young and at the same time really old. Just.

After the live I managed to have a short and somewhat awkward conversation with their drummer… or at least I think it was with their drummer… xD I was a bit drunk by that time already xD Firstly he was genuinely surprised that I spoke to him in Japanese and that being more than just a couple of random phrases xD So when we got over the surprise factor, I asked if they were satisfied how the live went and whether they were hoping for more people to show up. He said they were super happy with the live and that more people showed up than they originally hoped for and if possible they would like to come back again 🙂 I thanked them for their performance and that was it :p

Reading the news reports about the live a couple of days later was pretty lolworthy. So nobody attending the concert understood whether the band members were male or female? Um, right… I mean, a person who thought that the members of GUILD were anything else than male must have a really deranged idea about women in their head. I mean, seriously?

Overall it was a great night 🙂 Even though I did some rather foolish things after the live… like drinking a bit too much and then there were drunken phone calls asking for free kimchi xD
Ah well xD

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