The Sims 3

I’ve been playing The Sims 3 from time to time these days. I don’t play it often so things in the game are really slow progressing, but to be honest it isn’t really a game you’d want to play a lot. Still sometimes I like to waste my time on it.

In a sense it’s still a lot like The Sims 2, but the giant game area, awesome graphics and many new features make it a lot better actually. I especially like the job options where instead your sim just disappearing somewhere for several hours you actually go and do the job with jour sim. Currently I have explored fire fighter and stylist careers which were pretty fun for a while, but got bit repetitive and annoying after a while. Perhaps I should lessen my sims life span from 90days to less, so I wouldn’t get bored with them like this. That’s a thought actually.

Ah, I don’t really know what I’m babbling about xD
Here, have some pictures of my purdy sims:

My primary sim Raine with her son Tristan. The guy jumping in the background and whose name I don’t remember is her husband who is a townie in origin. Amazing, townies actually look okay in this game! They were real ogres in The Sims 2.

Off to work. On a bicycle no less.

Raine watering veggies in her pajamas.

And suddenly Tristan is about to become an adult… That was fast…

Making a wish… hmmm

Raine doesn’t get along with Tristan’s girlfriend. Thus the bitchfight.

I knew putting two artists to live in the same house wasn’t a good idea…

Well, I was bored. Don’t judge me xD
And I really do like my sims.

One thought on “The Sims 3

  1. Ryan says:

    Seeing the way other players play The Sims 3 usually inspires me to do something along the lines that they’re doing. It’s weird. Great pictures, fellow Simmer!


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