I went to Tartu the weekend before last, but as all plans went wrong due to boyfriend having to work for nearly 14 hours, we ended up simply hanging around with Liia and Tanel. There was a 4D-theatre experience, shopping, hanging out in a pharmacy, kind of crappy food in an Italian restaurant and even crappier drinks and simply a lot of walking around in snowy Tartu. I’ve been to Tartu before, but haven’t really explored it before. So it was cool.

Here be some photos:

On our way to Tartu. Also epic sun.

Tartu town hall square. There was some sort of Santa festival going on. It looked pretty fun for the kids and we learned that that love is God’s privilege… well that’s what they said in a very lengthy and mawkish speech.

Also they had a Big Boat in the middle of the square 8D

The shiniest building in town xD

Pretty blurry lights

A house inside a house! We need to go deeper! There has to be another house! Okay, Inception joke fail…

There was a blacksmith demonstrating his work

Making a nail

Durh? Getting kind of tired…

Beam me up Scotty!

Park? I don’t remember where or what this place was, because it was already very late. All I know is that it was on top of a hill.

View to the town hall square from up above.

I made a snowman!

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