Learn to clean up after your pets!… 11. January 2011

Kadi’s cooking: macaroni with minced meat, apple and carrot salad, pickled cucumber, milk

Boiled potato with egg and ham sauce, some baby tomatoes

I also had a peppermint mocha @ CoffeIn in the morning, but couldn’t take a photo, because I had to run to catch the bus.


And on a totally random note: the snow is melting. It’s wet and slippery outside. I don’t like it. It also looks really dirty now and pretty much constantly smells like dog shit outside. The amount of dog crap, among other garbage, surfacing from under the snow is simply baffling… Seriously, how hard is it to clean up after your dog? Or perhaps these people not cleaning up their pet’s mess simply love living in the middle of a shit-hole? I don’t understand why would anyone treat the surroundings they live in like that.

Our dog does her stuff in our back yard, but we clean it all up even there. I mean, I don’t LIKE doing it, because ew it’s shit, but I understand why one has to do it. So why would the street be any different? Nobody likes to step in dog shit in their garden and nobody likes stepping in dog shit on the street. I don’t know anyone who does. So clean it up after your dog for fucks sake!

I think that before getting a pet people should first prove that they know how to take care of it and then get an official permit to actually adopt one. At least in the city. And I think there should be fines when caught in the act of not cleaning up after their animal.

I’m really pissed off at the mess outside right now.

Also I know it’s an appetizing thing to post next to food photos, but I feel somewhat weird making an entirely new post about it. Sorry.

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