Orochi @ Tapper

So the next v-kei band to perform in Estonia is Orochi. I can’t say that they appeal to me as much as GUILD did, so I am not that excited about the live, but I think I want to go see them none the less. I mean it’s a Japanese v-kei band coming to Tallinn! I would be a fool not to go :p Well, at least I am hoping I can go…

A few sample clips from them:

I think they sound a bit like Kagrra, has given birth to a slightly tone deaf son… I mean the singers’ voice literally hurt my ears in a few places (in the clips I didn’t post here for obvious reasons). But in their defence I should say that they do sound a lot better than most of the indie crap I got to see in Japan. So yay!
I’m sure the live will be fun 🙂 Or at least funny :p

The live will take place on the 23rd of March @ Tapper. Tickets should be available on Piletilevi in a few days. More info about their Europe tour can be found here: http://kohakumusic.com

I also hope that they will have a better band warming up for them than Shirubi Ikazuchi was with GUILD…

So, who is going? 😀

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