[live report] Orochi @ Tapper

The concert was a disappointment for me to be honest. Well, as the sample music- and video clips available online didn’t impress me much in the first place I wasn’t really excited about the concert to begin with. But I still figured that it would turn out to be fun, because how often do you get to see Japanese artists perform in Estonia anyway?

Musically they did nothing for me. It just turned out to be really repetitive and at some point all the songs blurred into one… I also really hated their singer’s voice. If they did something more enka and metal mixture-ish in addition to the traditional sound and told their singer to ditch the high-pitched shrieking and sing with a lower voice, I could potentially even like them… but the current thing just bored me. A lot. Didn’t feel like jumping or headbanging along almost at all :s We still stayed for the entire thing, but a few people I know left already in the middle of the concert. Maybe I would have left too if I had known what was to follow after the concert. But about that later.

The band had some technical difficulties during their performance, but managed to deal with those pretty nicely and their MC parts were somewhat cute. I only wish that their singer wouldn’t have dominated the filler time that much… He was the only one who spoke any English and I guess he felt obligated to be the mediator between the crowd and the other members, but personally I would have liked him babbling a lot less and letting the other members speak for themselves, even if it was only in Japanese. Nobody in GUILD spoke much English, but I’d say that they were ten times more comfortable with communicating with the crowd than Orochi was.

What was cool tho was the fact that we got a short bass solo after I yelled out for one at some point xD So that was kind of a win.

Orochi isn’t by far the worst v-kei band I have seen live… I mean compared to some of the stuff I saw back in Japan, they were pretty good, but still, they didn’t really rock my boat.

After the live I really wanted to go and ask the band how they themselves felt about the live. But instead of just approaching them randomly and catching them off guard like I did with GUILD, I decided that I should do it properly during meet and greet. So Indrek bought me a set of their photos so I would have an excuse to go and talk to them while they sign them for me. Now the icy coldness they regarded us with during meet and greet was quite shocking. It really gave off the impression that they didn’t really want to be there and that we were bothering them. No eye contact, snappy impolite answers… :s I don’t know why or what. All I know is that it left a bad taste in my mouth. Now they weren’t all like that… mostly just their singer, but that mood and tone kind of reflected back from the other members as well. Even one of my Japanese friends commented afterwards that the live had been cold and that the band members had been rude. So that wasn’t a very nice ending to the evening.

However the hamburger we ate before going back home sure was.

Here, have some blurry photos of the event:

One thought on “[live report] Orochi @ Tapper

  1. Josie says:

    I can’t say that they were the worst I’ve seen (bless you, Cyber) but it was pretty close. Strangely I was most disturbed by that stupid clip-on zebra hairpiece the singer wore XD Obviously his judgement in life is just as bad 😀


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