Snack Swap – Swap #11 – From Japan to Estonia

I’ve been meaning to post about this for over a week now, but I’ve been lacking energy to do so. However now or never.

I have been a member of a snack swapping community on livejournal for ages and I have always wanted to participate, but never had the money or just missed the sign-up deadline. I told about this to Tont and he found the idea likable as well, so I signed us up for a swap 🙂

Our partner in crime turned out to be a guy named Mark living in Japan and this is what he sent us:

 A whole giant box of goodies!
Goodies for me, the box for the cat xD

The goodies included:
*Different Puchi cookies
*Two different dorayaki – peanut and custard
*Senbei from Saitama-ken
*Olive oil noodles
*Senbei snack mix
*Tako rice mix
*Dry curry mix for onigiri
*Pumpkin latte

 *Karamucho –hot chili and wasabi-mayo flavors
*Scone – Japanese BBQ flavor
*Caramel corn

 *Different furikake
*Kimchi noodles
*Harvest pumpkin cookies
*Two packs of Meroone cookies
*Snowy senbei

I was super happy with the exchange 😀 Everything went super smoothly!
And I can’t wait for the next one xD

If you have livejournal and are interested in taking part of any future snack swaps then you can yoin the community here: We Swap Snacks!

6 thoughts on “Snack Swap – Swap #11 – From Japan to Estonia

    • annika says:

      uh, A LOT of stuff xD But I forgot to take a picture of those… maybe if Mark finally posts his pictures to the community he will allow me to add them here as well.


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