The trouble with coffee… 4. January 2012

 Senbei, Coffee from CoffeeIN

CoffeeIN had a campaign in the beginning of the January where all the drinks cost only 1€ for their regulars which was pretty awesome. However after the campaign ended, it turned out that they had raised their prices. One latte costs 2.05€ now and that is basically way too expensive. Sure I get a 10cent discount as a regular, but still. I tried turning a blind eye to their prices before, because they make good coffee (95% of the time) and I love good coffee. But as I tended to buy at least one cup a day from them… well that made about 40€ or more a month and frankly that’s just too much money spent on coffee. So I exchanged my daily CoffeeIN visits with a jar of instant coffee. Now I only visit CoffeeIN as a special treat to myself.

Also, Instant coffee tastes like Japan.

 Rice with tuna, veggies and soy sauce.

 Some kiwifruit

 Sausage and smoked cheese sandwich

 Macaroni with tomatoes, beans and parmesan cheese

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