Belladonna Boobysmack

So, the last time I went to visit Ebe, I was promptly presented with the drawing above xD
Meet Belladonna Boobysmack aka Benedict Cumberbacth in drag XD
I nearly had a stroke from all the laughing that ensued. Seriously, my friends are awesome.

Ebe wrote up an explanation for the character: „When I happened to read an article, where some columnist had accidentally written that Mr. Cumberbatch will play a *Hobbit* together with his co-star in the movie named ‘The Hobbit’, I immediately told to Kerttu how I envisioned him in that role. In my version he gets to play a horrid-looking female neighbour of Bilbo Baggins, and harrasses the poor Bilbo in ways I’d rather not describe to you here, lest it upset you. I declared that Cumberbatch would surely wear a huge curly wig, and an even larger bonnet on top of that. As you can see from the attached picture, he is in his new role also a proud owner of a rack that could smash a truck.

However my theory about Belladonna Boobysmack is that she was in fact Bilbo’s fiancé… a terrifying dominant woman with a shrill voice. No wonder Bilbo felt the need to run off with a bunch of dwarves to almost certain death xD

We were also joking about the picture that now Mr. Cumberbatch had something for both me and my boyfriend xD

~Art by Ebe Kastein 🙂

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