Hard Rock Laager 2012

We went to Hard Rock Laager last weekend. It was first time for me to go to an open air music festival, so I was a bit nervous about it all. I was worried that it might be too hot and sunny outside, but thankfully the weather was nice and cool (but not too cold) with a dash of rain on the second day that bothered nobody.

The entire thing was more fun than I expected. I didn’t like all the bands that played, but there were enough good and very good bands playing to keep me entertained. The best ones during which I even jumped and headbanged along were Metsatöll and No-Big-Silence. I didn’t know most of the bands really, but I kind of liked Goresoerd, Wyrm Sub Terra, Melechesh and Samael. The rest were… lost in the blur xD

During the not-so-good bands I amused myself with taking photos, drawing or blowing bubbles. The last activity seemed to make a lot of people around me happy xD

One guy came and asked me afterwards: “So, how does it feel like after blowing bubbles for 40 minutes during a metal concert?”
Me: “Awesome!
Guy: “I bow to thee!
And then he bowed to me! xD
Another guy simply stated matter-of-factly: “You’re blowing bubbles at a metal festival?! You’re fucking hardcore!

We actually didn’t catch the few first bands on the first day and also missed a bunch of bands on the second day, because we had to make a quick detour to Pärnu to take one of my boyfriend’s friends to ER, for he had gotten his nose broken in a fight the previous night. The detour was welcome though, because we got some decent coffee and food.

Altogether (minus the broken noses) it was a pretty fun event. Hopefully we’ll go again next year.

Some photos I took:

Day 1



Cavus. Didn’t like them much, but they had a nice trrrrr rhythm to do the background on my drawing after xD

Metsatöll 😀 That band never disappoints 🙂
I like their recordings, but they sound even better live.

Lunch break

Obviously having fun

The sky during the last band

Day 2

Business mode

On better hunting grounds

There was some rain

Henna. The girl who did this was in a hurry towards the end, so she messed up the last flower :s Oh well.



Devilish Impressions

Got fish?

Carrier mule

Ow my poor feet :/


Yo ho and a bottle of vodka. aka To/Die/For

Fire dancers


Nice pillow



Result of the henna treatment

Oh and we went to Suchi Cat the next day

Nya and terrible Japanese pop music


 Someone caught my bubble shenanigans on camera. Photo from here.

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