The fall of Terok Nor

“This is blackmail!” Quark protested.
“Then we’re in complete agreement,” Sisko said. “You give us what we want – a few minutes to search the bar. And we’ll give you what you want – peace and quiet.”
“And no rent increase.”
Sisko picked up the flashing Orbs again. “May I?”
“Oh, go ahead,” Quark said. “And I hope if you find it, a Prophet jumps out and bites you.”


“Calm down, Quark,” Sisko chided him. “It’s part of the legend of Jalbador that when the three Orbs are brought together, the Temple doors open and the world ends.”
“I don’t want the world to end in my bar,” Quark said. “Talk about being bad for business.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Millenium- “The Fall of Terok Nor”
by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens

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