Random notes

At first we thought there was a kitchen on every floor of our dormitory, but today we found out that there were in fact only two of them in total… so that means that there are only two stoves with altogether four heating plates per approximately 100 rooms/people (there are about 20-25 rooms per floor I think… I am not sure how many of these rooms are inhabited). Today I didn’t get to cook a proper warm meal, because there already was a long line of people waiting to cook their food behind the stove. I was too hungry to wait for my turn so I had random pre-made things from the fridge for dinner instead. I really don’t understand how any of this is logical. I mean, only two kitchens for the entire building??? Seriously?


Thunderstorms in Japan are epic! Sanna and I happened to go out for a walk just as the storm started. The roaring thunder was reality rippling loud and the flashing lightning turned the otherwise dark world unbearably white. There was even a short power outage when we were hiding in some second-hand clothes shop from the rain. I thought it was cool.


I think my skin is developing a tan of some sorts :s This is a bit of a not good. I don’t like tanned skin. I like my skin as it is, thank you very much. I think I will try to cover myself up better from now on, but it will be tedious in this kind of weather.


Tomorrow we will get our first scholarship money. I hope it will be enough to pay the rent xD If it’s not then life will definitely turn interesting.

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