Tsukuba 2012, photos from September – part 2

 Going to pick up the refrigerator

 Very dusty dormitory

 Lunch break

 My cider can looks so happy

 Girls night out

 Rocket manhole

 Death of a bicycle

 Mr “Big Ben” frog

 Kanjani8 😀

 Business in Japan. It’s a tiny café.

 Road tree

 Our kitchen

 Kitchen window

 More vending machines

 A free friend with your coffee

 Creeper behind my window

 My new mug 😀 Mottainai means “such a waste” or “what a waste.” Crying is such a waste. It’s a good reminder to myself.

 Spray bottle covers


 Yummy looking fake food

 Looks like autumn, but it isn’t. Far from it.

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