I have a Viking-like name. I could be the daughter of Odin. Or so I was told today by a drunken Polish guy at the welcome party held for new students. Daughter of Odin. I like that xD

I wonder if I have a repelling aura around me or something, because whenever there is a group of people, everyone always turns to talk to the person next to me, never me. It’s rather awkward sometimes. I always feel like the fifth wheel under the cart. People only talk to me when I’m the only one facing them and when they have no other choice than either to talk to me or walk away. Not that I mind much, because I’m not very good at this holding a conversation business anyway. It just happens often enough that I’ve started to think it’s a bit funny the way I always seem to blend into the background during social gatherings without anyone paying any attention to me being there almost whatsoever. Sure, they ask my name and whatnot, because it’s the polite thing to do, but after that they just smoothly end up talking to the person standing next to me.

But, blah, am I tired. One evening out and I feel like I could hole up in my room for the next two weeks. People tire me. It’s not like I didn’t have fun at the party, because I did. It was a great night, but it also drained me of energy and of the will to do something like that in the near future. I feel as if I have done enough socializing for a month. Well, too bad then that I am off to Tokyo tomorrow to do some walking around and to meet up with friends. My inner hikikomori is screaming and crying its heart out.

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