A trip to Tokyo

First some random photos:

 Our dormitory


 Hanabi at a welcome party

 Pretty koi fish

I went to Tokyo one weekend to meet up with some friends (I think it was the second weekend I was here). Not sure the trip was the wisest idea, because I didn’t have much money, but people were insisting I go and spend some time with them so I did. I took the train from Tsukuba to Akihabara and as I had a few hours to kill before I was supposed to meet up with Eva, I decided to roam around a bit and see what new Akihabara had to offer. Unfortunately my stay there ended up being about 15 minutes because suddenly there was a panic attack and I just had to get away from there. I went to Ikebukuro instead, because it just felt a lot safer than Akihabara. Even though Ikebukuro in its essence is sleazier and more “unsafe,” but to me it felt like a safe haven at that moment. I like Ikebukuro for some reason; it has always been one of my favourite districts in Tokyo.

Now the thing with Akihabara is that I have a traumatic experience associated with the place. Even though it’s the apparent mecca of the subculture I research (Ikebukuro being the fujoshi mecca actually), I don’t think I can go there alone anymore, because what happened there to me and my roommate the last time I was in Japan. That was about four years ago now. We were walking around on the main street of Akihabara when suddenly some guy ran to us screaming like a madman. He grabbed both me and my roommate by the hair and started pulling us with him. We managed to struggle free and ran. The attack hurt quite a bit. It all happened to fast and I think my shocked mind decided to delete most of the event as soon it was over, because I only remember hazy details about it. But as it was one hell of a scary experience then it is no wonder it left some sort of trigger in my brain that screams “dangerous!” whenever I’m near the place we were assaulted. I’d rather have someone with me when I go to Akiba the next time.

So I spent the rest of the day in Ikebukuro, walking around in familiar places and getting lost when I tried to walk to Mejiro. That last bit was embarrassing, because I used to walk that way almost daily for six months during my last stay in Tokyo. But then again four years is a long time to be away.

In short there was a cheap izakaya with Eva that evening, shopping for a bag (because I was an idiot and didn’t take a smaller bag with me) in Harajuku on Saturday, then a walk and a few drinks with Liisa and then I spent almost the entire Sunday in Asakusa with Alo (there was a lot of walking around and good food involved). My feet were so swollen and hurting when I got back to Tsukuba that I couldn’t walk properly for almost two days xD It may sound like a lot of socializing, but most of the time I was wandering around on my own.

It was funny being back in Tokyo. In the sense that it felt so nostalgic and also dreadfully lonely for some reason.

And some photos from Tokyo:

 In Akihabara

 Fancy sweets store

 In Ikebukuro

 Friends I’d like to take home with me

 Hatsune Miku

 Star Wars is pretty popular in Japan

 Kinnikuman (Muscle man) and Doraemon

 Pretty plastic food


 More plastic food

 And some more

 The old Gakushuin Women’s College dormitory I used to live in. Now a ghost house.

 Paper flowers


 In Harajuku

 Plastic pancakes

 Whatever this establishment was, no women were allowed inside

 Tiny bulldogs at the roadside

 At a park near where Eva lives

 Pretty manhole cover

 Doraemon 😀

 Kööbakad puud

 Lotus flower

 Beware of the ninja

 Still life with butts

 Beat Takeshi’s hand print

 In a cool café, having kakigoori with Alo-san

 Tokyo Sky Tree and the Giant Golden Turd (It’s supposed to look like foam on a beer glass… It fails)

 Sky Tree


And back to Tsukuba:

 Very Very Café

 Apples, 1,38€ a piece

 Angry onigiri box

 Thankful feelings. Cute cup 🙂

 Snake Venom Essence mask 😀

 Books from the library and a cute notebook to make notes

 A pretty Japanese restaurant

 A gyoza restaurant to be in fact

 The gyoza was really good tho and so was the company


 My new bike 😀 It only cost like 65€

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