Exploring Tsukuba

Last week we went out for a longer walk around Tsukuba with Sanna and Maarja. We went slightly to the outskirts of the town if one could call it that way and wandered around the local living areas and between the fields and rice paddies.

 Death from above aka Japanese chestnuts are two times bigger and five times spikier than the chestnuts in Estonia

 For good luck

 Visiting holy places

 Kitsune (fox)

 Laundry day

 I’m a sucker for this type of old houses and messy gardens

 Wooden cow

 A graveyard in the middle of fields

 A bush of “fox tails”


 Someone’s private shrine in their garden



The next evening we visited a pretty cool bar called Grave. The interior was lovely I think.

 A pretty xenomorph puzzle on the wall

 Monsters next to me


There was also a huge awesome poster with kissing vampires on one of the walls, but as people were sitting in front of it, it felt awkward to take a photo. Maybe next time.

 And suddenly pandas

 Also I bought books. One (Introduction to Otakuology xD) is essential to my research, the other (Nobuta wo produce novel) I bought because of reasons.

 And then there was another bar

Also, one evening there was a thunderstorm somewhere far away. It must have been pretty far as it was eerily quiet. We could only see the flashing lightning in the distance. I think it was pretty cool.

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