No regrets… 19. September 2012

 Tomato sauce stewed veggies over instant noodles

 Watermelon jelly drink

We went to this kaitenzushi place where all the sushi cost 90yen/0,90euro a plate. I wouldn’t say it was the best sushi I have ever had… I mean, it was cheap and mostly sloppily made. However fact remains that even the cheapest and not the best sushi in Japan is over ten times better than the “best” sushi places in Estonia can offer. Sushi in Estonia is so pointless: it only robs you of your hard-earned money and leaves you unsatisfied.

 Green tea



 Tuna yukke

 Nattou maki. I just wanted to try nattou. It tasted like… meh? I’d say it was boring.


 We christened this one the cockroach sushi. Actually it was some kind of shrimp.


 Udon with tempura prawns

 Marinated tuna

Oh gosh, I ate so much, but it was just so good xD And the entire thing cost me altogether about 10euros. Can you imagine getting this kind of sushi dinner for this kind of money in Estonia? Nope, not even half of it I’m afraid.


 Aloe yoghurt cocktail

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