Ishioka matsuri

Last weekend, on Saturday to be in fact, we went to a matsuri in Ishioka with Sanna and Maarja. The entire event was crowdy, colourful and extremely enjoyable. People taking part of the matsuri seemed to have so much fun and were obviously enjoying the entire things that it was a pure pleasure to observe. Even the people who were pulling along giant carts with statues, musicians and actors on them the entire day seemed to enjoy themselves a lot and were mostly smiling. The only moody people I spotted were sleepy children or a few people at the food stalls.

We just walked around a lot, had some trademark matsuri food (okonomiyaki, takoyaki, ikayaki, potato mochi…) and visited a couple of shrines and temples. At some point a couple of overly enthusiastic guys dragged us to a company party at someone’s front yard to have a few beers with them. It was somewhat awkward, but at the same time a funny experience. Got some free beer, sake and to have a chat with drunken sarariiman. Mostly we were just trying to explain them where Estonia was located xD

Quite near the end of our day’s adventure, when we were already dead tired from walking and were sitting on the sidewalk, we were approached by a guy claiming he was shooting matsuri footage for a TV-show and asked if he could film us a bit too. Well we agreed but whether we really ended up being shown on TV I have no idea xD

 Takoyaki stand

 Chilled cucumbers on a stick

 Preparing takoyaki

 It was raining a bit at some point, but nobody really cared

 Cheerful old men

 Pulling the big wooden cart


 Catching goldfish

 Adorable ladies

 Another shot of a takoyaki stall


 Chocobanana (chocolate and candy covered banana)


 Funny looking drinks in plastic bags

 More chocobanana

 Matsuri main street

 Matsuri people

 At a shrine

 For good luck?

 At a temple


 Huge torii

 Pretty lights

 More of them

 Cheerful miko

 Another cool manhole cover

 Among the dragons

 Candy covered apples

 Making okonomiyaki

 Fox dance

 Matsuri in the evening

And short a video of mikoshi carrying:

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