From Impressionism to Anime… 29. October 2012

Pumpkin cake

Shirataki noodles with vegetables and mushrooms + egg tofu

Vegetable chips

There was mostly air in the pack. The chips were good though.

Shirataki noodles with vegetables and mushrooms

Persimmon, a couple of tiny taiyaki

Power outage… 25. October 2012

Tuna salad, pumpkin pastry

Maccha and azuki bean daifuku.
I love both maccha and azuki beans, but I don’t think they mix well together :s

Grilled octopus sushi with mayo and spring onion, green tea


Grilled salmon sushi with mayo

Pumpkin cake

Doughnuts (pumpkin ring, chocolate and coconut doughnut, honey glazed doughnut) and coffee @ Mister Donut

A couple of tangerines

Once upon a time a barbeque in August 2012

This is a post I was supposed to make ages ago, but then life became busy and I somehow never got around to actually posting it. Now since I am a bit ill and feeling somewhat homesick I suppose it’s a good time as any to finally do it.

So, it was 1st of August 2012 when we decided to have a small barbeque in our back “garden” with some friends. Well, when I say garden, I really mean the parking lot behind our house… xD There was a tiny bit of grass in one end of the parking lot, so we settled ourselves there and grilled tiny strips of beef that we ate dipped in yakiniku sauce. It was all a bit silly, but really nice and fun, so I get all warm and happy in my tummy when thinking back on it.

Some photos:

We also took (the puny god) Loki for a stroll outside

The setting was nice

I can’t believe how tiny that cat used to be

Serious bbq business by Tanel & Liia

Myadora and Jane Mall and Miss K

Kittenface (n_n)

Also there is a cool grilling video: