Random photo spam

Pretty cups and decorations

I spot a Spock bear

Justice League bath balls xD

Ran into Iron Man in the shopping mall 😀

I got so excited about that statue that I think I cursed quite a bit quite loudly xD

Yay 😀

There was this dude as well

At kaitenzushi. Bacon sushi on the roll…

With Kumamon

OWL 8)

One evening we had dinner in a kind of a ramen place where mostly old men seemed to go to eat, drink and watch sumo. We seemed to make their night :p They were all eager to chat with us and we got some free pears from both the owner of the place and from his friend as well :p

A car full of cute

Books I bought

A local cemetery

Nice hat

Mountains in the distance

The jinja in the woods


Lurking around

How I spend most of my evenings

Having yakiniku 😀

A wonderland in the dark


Konbini romantic

Ushiku Daibutsu

A couple of weeks ago we went to see the Ushiku Daibutsu, which is apparently one of the tallest standing sculptures in the world. At first we were planning on going there by public transport, but when we looked up the ticket prices we got seriously put off by them. For a while it seemed like the trip had to be cancelled because we were all pretty broke and paying all the transport fees plus the Buddha park admission fee just seemed too much. Thankfully one of Idea’s friends has a car and he agreed to drive us there free of charge. So yay, we got to go anyway!

The Buddha statue stands about 120meters tall, with a pretty garden and a mini pet zoo built around it. Sadly there weren’t many flowers blooming anymore, but the park was still lovely with its koi fish ponds and temple-like feeling. It was raining pretty heavily that day too, but it didn’t ruin the visit for us that much.

Inside the big Buddha there was a museum dedicated to the Buddha’s construction and one of the floors there was a huge room with its walls covered with about 3000 tiny golden Buddha statues. You could go as high up as 85meters inside the Buddha where there were tiny windows you could peek out from. The view from them was unfortunately pretty limited. I was a bit disappointed by that. I was hoping for a better view really. Oh well.

Later we spent some time petting cute little piggies and bunnies in the mini zoo. I felt sorry for the piggies as they seemed to be cold and lonely 😦 But they were still beyond adorable. I just wish they had better living conditions in the zoo…
Oh and there was also a monkey show. One of the monkeys was obviously in a bad mood so she really didn’t want to do any of her tricks and mostly just tried to run away and hide herself. But then again, I don’t blame her. I would be pissy too if I had to do stupid tricks about five times a day for an half an hour.

The sad animals apart, it was a pretty cool place to visit.

Turning into Buddhas

You were free to ring the bell to cleanse your mind

Another bell. It was really cool how occasionally those gong like bell sounds echoed through the rainy park. It was somewhat magical.

The koi pond

Inside the Buddha

Me in comparison with the statues big toe xD

The not so good view from the statue

Golden Buddha statues


Three European goddesses

The cutest piggy in the universe


They made unhappy barking noises at us

The little monkey hit her head so her trainer had to comfort her

Monkey: yep, I feel so dignified…

Picking up the Buddha


Double Buddha-bomb

Ushiku Daibutsu approved fish

Me doing my thing that I do