Random photo spam

Pretty cups and decorations

I spot a Spock bear

Justice League bath balls xD

Ran into Iron Man in the shopping mall 😀

I got so excited about that statue that I think I cursed quite a bit quite loudly xD

Yay 😀

There was this dude as well

At kaitenzushi. Bacon sushi on the roll…

With Kumamon

OWL 8)

One evening we had dinner in a kind of a ramen place where mostly old men seemed to go to eat, drink and watch sumo. We seemed to make their night :p They were all eager to chat with us and we got some free pears from both the owner of the place and from his friend as well :p

A car full of cute

Books I bought

A local cemetery

Nice hat

Mountains in the distance

The jinja in the woods


Lurking around

How I spend most of my evenings

Having yakiniku 😀

A wonderland in the dark


Konbini romantic

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