Ibaraki Nature Museum

Oh wow, I have fallen rather behind with my adventure posting, but I have been somewhat busy with school stuff, reading books and having a minor identity crisis yet again. But whatever…

My friend Hiro came to visit me one Friday and as he conveniently was in a possession of a car, we took small road trip to the nearby town of Bando to visit the Ibaraki Nature Museum. The main reason why I wanted to go there was that they have full dinosaur skeletons on display. I have always wanted to see dinosaur bones. Well, I had seen a few mammoth (that isn’t technically even a dinosaur) skulls and a bone of this and that in Estonia, but never a full skeleton of a bigger dinosaur before, so I was rather excited. To be honest it was all rather overwhelming… I mean, seeing those giant skeletons and realizing that those humongous beings once roamed the earth was simply mindboggling. It was a fantastic experience for me.

The entire museum was pretty exciting, not just the dinosaur bones. The place was huge, so unfortunately I think we didn’t get to see some of the exhibits, but I believe that we saw most of what the museum had to offer. Oddly enough I also enjoyed their geological exhibit quite a bit xD Usually stones are not my thing, but the way it all was presented made it feel like a strange art exhibition and I got a bit too carried away with the interactive part of the presentation xD Hiro must have thought me a bit strange in general as I tended to make cooing noises at and talk to most of the fossils and skeletons xD Well I was just loving the things I was seeing, ok? xD

A mammoth! Look how freaking big it is!
I think I was just gaping at it for over five minutes not truly believing what I was seeing. Also I think I would have been terrified if I had gone to the museum alone… because history scares me xD It’s truly fascinating, I mean, but I’d rather not be left alone with it xD If that makes any sense.

Locality : China
Length : 9.1 m (29.9 ft)
Height : 5.3 m (17.4 ft)
Estimated weight : 10 metric tons
Largest mammoth in the world.

Locality : China
Length : 26 m (85.3 ft)
Height : 9.75 m (32 ft)
Estimated weight : 60 metric tons
One of the largest dinosaurs in the world.

This guy was even more mindboggling than the mammoth. Unfortunately it was just way too big to be captured in its giant glory.

A Dodo and a Moa skeleton


Cells (also me and Hiro)

Infinite DNA

Whales and dolphins

And then there was a furry crab. It’s the first time ever that I have seen a furry sea creature.

A forest scene

Annika in Nightmare land. Btw, that is a 1yen coin I am standing on…

Weirdest fish ever. What the hell are you, seriously?



 Swirly noses

That must have been one big shark O_O


And smaller dinosaurs… that were still cool

Posing with Rex


Nice Mohawk

Oh and a fossil from Estonia! 😀

Er… are you… WERE you a living creature or were you a space ship? Be honest!

Great-great-great-great-…-∞-… -great-grandfather?

Mother Nature, I didn’t know you were an artist! I simply love your sculpting.

Ground control to Major Tom

Trippy Space Odyssey

After the museum we drove back to Tsukuba, where we picked up Idea and Marta, and then went to have okonomiyaki. It was a good day and I was supper happy for a change 🙂