Touring Akihabara

As I explained a while back I don’t really feel comfortable spending time in Akihabara due to a trauma sustained there, so I talked two of my friend into coming with me. I was really glad I had company, but unfortunately I think my friends didn’t really like my enthusiasm of strolling through weird shops, because one of them kept sighing increasingly deeply every time I led them into another figurine shop xD He also didn’t appreciate that we eventually dragged him to purikura xD Poor fellow.

Now Akihabara is a strange place with countless funny shops with one selling weirder things than the other. Most of the items are just geeky fun stuff or harmless pretty knick-knacks, but some of the things on sale are… well to simply put it… owning these items would land you in jail in most countries. And I am pretty sure they aren’t quite legal in Japan either, but are still available due to some loopholes in the rules I believe.

Now it’s not really allowed to take photos in most of the shops, but it was just too difficult to resist, so I sneaked a couple here and there when nobody was looking. I can’t really post most of the photos I took, because well, they are just too dirty for this blog, so here are some more innocent ones:

Godzilla in action

Nasty muscle men and creepy bugs

Panty drop

Poison lube? Seems… harmless…

Panties for tearing

Special tights for men xD

Iron Man and the Hulk

Guns. Lots of them.

In the train shop

A Nightmare Before Christmas

Pretty dolls

A Vladimir Putin action figure… Okay…

Pretty designer dolls

And more of them

I so wanted to buy one of these… but eventually I didn’t find one that was still for sale 😦

A Xenomorph tea party 😀

Boyfriend pillows

Flavored salts

A dazed maid

Akihabara at night

Freaky flowers

Cooking for the blue butt-bear

With Rilakkuma

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