Last photos from October + beginning of November

I am so behind with my posting. I suppose I could claim being busy or whatnot, but the truth is- it has mostly been just laziness. I’ve been so tired and unmotivated to do anything recently, so even uploading photos has seemed like too much trouble. Blah.

Anyway, trying to overcome myself and catch up.


Critter cakes

Great Tit indeed

The Tokyo Camii

Beautiful design

Sunny smile

Are you lost Mr. Big Balls

Food at the Shibuya matsuri

Beastly dance

At Omotesandou


Trying on headbands

Rilakkuma noms

Kiss Kitty

More Rilakkuma nomz


Choto Hail


Nostalgia in Mejiro

In Yanaka

Yanaka cemetery

Lurking cats





Distant Disney

All the good times

Yanaka Ginza

City of cats

Laughing dolls

Presentation time

Turning red

Random book I picked up in the bookstore

And then suddenly… Sherlock!


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