A trip to Mount Tsukuba

My boyfriend and his brother came to Japan to play tourists and then travel back home with me afterwards. Our first stop, after a night’s sleep, was Mount Tsukuba. The trip there took forever because of a traffic jam. I think it took nearly three hours to get there instead of the hour it should have taken. Which kind of sucked, because it stole two hours on the mountain from us. Oh well.

The mountain was cool. Some might claim that Mount Tsukuba isn’t even that high of a mountain (877 m), but considering that the highest mountain… well, more like the highest hill (Suur Munamägi aka the Big Egg Mountain)… in Estonia is only 318m high then this was pretty big deal for me. Previously I had been to Mount Takao which was 599m high.

Now the tiny town on the mountainside and the Mount Tsukuba shrine were lovely. I’m a real sucker for shrines, temples and Japanese nature in general.

We took the mountain cart up to the mountain which to be honest was a pretty scary experience for me, because occasionally the mountainside was rather steep and it was scary to look down. But once we got out from the claustrophobic environment of the cart it was okay again. The view from the mountain top was gorgeous. Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the highest spot possible, because of the two hours we had lost while sitting on the bus, but it was still great. The problem was that we wanted to go down the mountain on foot and had to do so before sunset, because it just gets too fucking dark when the sun sets.

The hike down was pretty fun. It was tiring as hell and my knees hurt afterwards, but it was still super great. Now the funny thing on the way was that I spotted several Japanese girls going up and down on the mountain while wearing stilettos! Seriously, I am not even kidding. That was pretty crazy imho. But whatever suits them.


My epic fashion sense


And paper flakes

In flames

The view

That’s us and yakimochi

Going down


… and down

And we’re down!

Oh looky, it’s Fuji-san!

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