A trip to Stockholm

Last weekend we went to Stockholm for a day. We spent the night on a cruise ship and arrived in Stockholm in the morning. We then spent the entire day in the city and went back to the ship in the evening to go back home.

The funny thing is that the trip was almost cancelled for us at the last moment. There was some mix up with our booking and our cabin/tickets were cancelled. Our friends, who did the booking, didn’t get any notification about it, so it was a really bad surprise when we learned about it at check-in. However, quite randomly things worked out for us, as two people from the other group, whom we went with, cancelled at the last minute and some random guy, standing behind us in line, had two extra cabin tickets he needed to part with. So some name changes and money exchanging hands and off we were 🙂 It’s cool how sometimes things just seem to work out.

The boat trip itself wasn’t anything special. We walked around for a bit and then sat in our friends cabin, eating beef jerky and drinking wine. At some point we ate a very disappointing all-you-can-eat buffet dinner and vowed after it that we will never again fall into that trap. The buffet food was lousy and the drinks were not included in the killer price.

First night in the hip was terrible, as the air conditioning was wonky (I was sweating and cold at the same time) and I kept waking up whenever the boat rocked even slightly more than usual. So no good sleep was had. Didn’t help that the guys made some Estonia and Titanic “jokes” as well.

In the morning we landed in Stockholm. We walked around aimlessly for a bit in the Old Town and got some breakfast from a 7-Eleven no less (after that terrible buffet the previous night, that food and coffee tasted heavenly).

There was a lot of walking

Lost Panda

Infinite housing

After that, Indrek and I wanted to go to a big fantasy and sci-fi book store, so we split up with the others and spent several hours rummaging through the treasure filled store. I wish there was a store like that in Estonia as well, but at the same time I am glad that there isn’t, because I would simply spend too much money there every month. There was everything there from board games to movies and from manga to all kinds of fantasy/sci’fi books. We bought quite a bit of stuff: a Discworld board game, a card game called Gloom, a giant Pyramidhead cloth poster, some calendars and books. I will eventually take a photo of them as well, but so far I have gotten home late almost every evening and have been too tired to bother.

Xenomorph ballet

Xenomorph-chan (n_n)

We then met up with the rest of the group again and went to a Japanese restaurant for some ramen. Gosh, it was so delicious and worth every penny.


Me doing my thing at the restaurant

@ a subway station

Altogether it was a really nice day. The weather was great and it was fun walking around in Stockholm. I want to go back there and shop for clothes, because I saw so many pretty dresses and skirts when passing random store windows. I never see this many clothes that I like in the stores in Estonia. That kind of makes me really sad. I checked some of the prices of the clothes too and to my surprise most clothes were much cheaper than they would be in Estonia… if they would sell anything like that here, which they don’t. Boo.

The next night in the ship was better than the previous one. In the evening we had some drinks at the ships lounge and listened to some bad Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga imitators. After that we went back to our friends cabin again and made acquaintance with the Gloom card game. It is a funny game where you have to gather misfortune for own players before killing them off and attempt to make your opponents characters happy xD


Indrek wanted to play a racing game at the ship, but we had no small Swedish currency with us. To his luck, I randomly found a 10kr coin, so he got to play after all 🙂

Gaming is srs business

Arriving back home

10-12. Jan 2014

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