Game On 2.0

Apparently I am a hopeless case when it comes to blogging. I have big difficulties with sticking to my daily posting… It looks like that I let my moods control my life too much, because the sole reason why haven’t updated for a while again is that I simply haven’t been in the mood to do so. Such character. Wow. Such determination. Unbelievable that there used to be a time in my life when I blogged up to 10 times a day… Sure it was just personal ramblings in a semi-personal journal, but at least it seemed to come easy to me. Nowadays… nothing written comes easy.

Anyhow, we went to Sweden again last month. Our objective was to visit an exhibition called “Game On 2.0” which was basically an exhibition of computer and console games. We also wanted to visit that huge sci-fi book store again :3 It was a great fun trip altogether.

Arriving in Stockholm

Matching manicure!

A little bit of Viking history

Playing tourist

Exhibition time!

As it turned out that you couldn’t really walk into the game exhibition whenever you wanted, we decided to explore the science and technology museum where it was held as well.


An early microwave oven

Tetra packs

I remember seeing those condoms for sale in Estonia as well when I was a kid, but back then I had no idea what they were xD


And on to the game exhibition.
Hello Miss Lara


Early arcade games

This looks like childhood 😀

Not only were there different consoles on display, you could also try out some ancient games. Most of them were emulated, but were still pretty fun.

Boyfriend is not doing so well with this one xD

Yay Tetris!

Even though they let only a certain amount of people into the exhibition area, the place was still super crowded and it was sometimes difficult to get a chance to try out a game.

Mega Man

Playing a Japanese bullet hell game xD This one was super nuts! I loved it :p

Hand held games

Super Mario concept art

From crappy graphics to silly remakes

Tron! 8D Though I was disappointed that it was a tank game instead 😦
Now the exhibition was great and all, but I really didn’t like that there was a time limit for the exploring. I didn’t have time to read anything about the consoles, only got to try a few games and by the time we reached the last hall, they started ushering people out of the door already 😦


There were some Brazilian inspired stage shows happening on the boat on our way back.

Wasn’t anything special, but fun to watch still.

I was sadly one of the few people who thought so xD

Great trip, can’t wait to go again :p

This was the first sign that greeted us when we got back to Tallinn… apparently Estonia has been renamed to AleCoq Country…


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