Õhtusöök Vampiiridega… 15. May 2014

Ham and cheese pastry

Crispy chicken salad. This wasn’t good at all as the chicken tasted like raw flour and the ketchup sauce just didn’t go with the over all taste.

In the evening I went to a puppet cabaret with Liia and Tont called “Dining With Vampires.” It was sort of a funny event where there was a live show combined with a three course dinner. I loved the show, it was full of crude humour and vampire tits xD The food was pretty decent too.

Foie gras paté and black pepper sableé; blood orange and wild strawberry relish; a piece of duck meat; crushed peanuts and grilled talleggio cheese. I also had a gin & tonic.
The only thing I didn’t like was the cheese, but that’s mostly because I don’t really fancy cheese that much.

Some white bread buns and butter.

12h oven baked lamb’s neck; sous vide vanilla pear; portobello mushrooms; cream of celery; a funny pink risotto thingy…
I took a photo of the menu, so I would remember what all of this fancy stuff was, but apparently the menu didn’t really include everything… thus I don’t know what the rice really was any more.

Now the menu says that it was cold coconut semifreddo… but I really don’t remember this tasting anything like coconut. Oh well, in any case it was yummy.

And here is a taste of the cabaret:

Not safe for work!

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