Hard Rock Laager 2014 – Day 2

This year’s HRL was somewhat disappointing when it came to the bands. Sure there were some highlights that were good, but most of the performances left me feeling all meh. Majority of the bands were… how to put it… typical mediocre metal bands. They weren’t bad per se, just didn’t stand out in any way and thus were boring in my opinion. Tont tried to defend the bands by saying that he liked their performances, but the fact that he wasn’t very keen on jumping around and head banging, like he usually does when he likes something, debunked his claims.

Still the entire atmosphere of the event, the company and the few good bands were still worth all the trouble of attending the festival.

Estonian Defense League was at the festival showing off some of their stuff. The guys spent like an hour or longer ogling at the stuff… I find it mindboggling.

Tont and a grenade launcher. At least I think it was a grenade launcher.

Domination Black

It was remarkably warmer that day

Their drummer was super cheerful

Diva mode

Beer time


Still the most fashionable festival attendee 😀 So cute!


People were really cheery 😀

Must have been bored at some point

Lunch time

Wyrm Sub Terra

With my sweetheart

Wyrm Sub Terra’s bassist stalked around between the crowd for half of their performance.


Happy zombie-boy

Suddenly dicks

At some point I got interested in what kind of stuff people had gotten tattooed on themselves

Tiny fans 😀

Holy starships! I found Eero 😀

Phil Anselmo & The Illegals
He was such a funny guy :p I liked him and his band.

Thou Shell of Death

To me this was the coolest performance of the day. Their music isn’t something I would probably listen at home, but their live was fantastic.

Hello sumo guy


They were good, but I was so tired already by their performance that it was difficult for me to enjoy it properly. Also their stage lighting was super crap as it flashed a bright light towards the audience all of the time so my eyes started to hurt. At some point I wasn’t able to look at the stage any more :/



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