Kakerdaja Bog

Maarja had the cool idea to go hiking in a bog for her birthday. She picked Kakerdaja bog (translates as the Waddler bog or something to these lines) for that occasion. It was pretty awesome, but sadly we couldn’t actually complete the hiking track as it was mostly under water and many people had not brought actual rubber boots with them. I guess we all kind of figured that we could get through there with dry feet as the introducing web page had promised a wooden walking path. The wooden path was there alright, but had sunk to the ground in many places so the water was covering it. I was the only one who had dry feet, because of the awesome rubber boots we bought me just for that occasion.

The bog was super pretty. Some elements there kind of reminded me of Japan… like the puny looking lonely trees :p

Not far into the walk, Maarja managed to slip and fall, so Indrek, Marit and I headed back to the spot where everyone had parked their cars. Some people stayed behind and tried to brave the watery road despite not having proper boots for that… We took a short walk in the nearby forest instead.

After all that, we went back to Maarja’s place where she treated us to warm meatball soup and awesome pizza 😀

 We got there before everyone else even though we thought we were going to be dreadfully late.

 Passing the time while waiting for everyone else to arrive

 Mushroom mushroom

 The bog was so amazingly red

 Puny trees

 Bog lake

 This was where things started getting wet

 My feet were dry though 😀

 I want to go back there one day and walk through the entire hiking path

 At a forest lake

9.November 2014

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