Blurry bits and pieces

Birthday gifts I got from my lovely friends 🙂 So many cool things like sweets and snacks, a painting of Spock, a Dir en grey album, foodie gadgets and a bath toy, also a candle and some nice smelling soap 🙂

I also got this panda shaped onigiri making kit 😀

Some serious onigiri making. My boyfriend always takes such blurry photos for some reason xD

Sadly this time there are no photos of the actual finished onigiri as I got a terrible headache in the middle of making them and had to go lie down. Boyfriend ate the ones I managed to make.

Totoro in her usual “feed me nau, hooman” position

Loki licking all the things

I was also given a chatty bath toy for my birthday. Loki came to investigate it while I was testing it out, so I ended up with some cute kitty footage to share 🙂

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