Makin’ chili… 22. July 2015

 Sushi, miso soup and a tiny salad @ Tokumaru. For some reason the miso soup wasn’t very good this time 😦 The broth tasted like potato washing water?
The sushi however was really good. I should go and have their ramen again soon.

 Homemade beef chili with rice. This was awesome!

 Hitachino Nest Beer XH. Good one.


I wish I had a slow-cooker/multi-cooker, so I could make one of the chilies that takes up to 8-12 hours in the pot. It’s just too much of a hassle with a stove.

One thought on “Makin’ chili… 22. July 2015

  1. bikabuka says:

    Ohoo korralikud oad leitsid chili jaoks. Kunagi kui seal kandis otsisin siis küll polnud muid ube kui noid suuri mida kodus ajas ka sai kasvatatud nn aeduba ja siin kandis tuntakse neid kui Fava Bean. Aga jah muid muud uba ma seal ei leidnud et chilit teha või refried beans asja teha.


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