Science Centre AHHAA (26.July 2015)

My little brother had a day off from his ice-skating camp in Tartu, so we took him to the AHHAA Science Centre for the day. It was a pretty eventful day and there was quite a lot to do in the centre. Sadly I didn’t get to see the human biology exhibition as my brother got freaked out by the skeletons and mummified human body parts. So whilst Liia and Indrek were exploring that part of the science centre, I sat in an electric car with my brother and watched him play around. He was super into the car for some reason :p Must be a boys thing that I simply don’t understand.

We took a late lunch break at some point and then returned to the science centre to go to the planetarium. I loved it and I think my brother liked it as well until the space voyage ended and the lecture about star constellations followed. Then he got bored and started complaining that he was feeling sick… the instructor had told us in the beginning of the planetarium visit that if we started feeling motion sick, we should close our eyes until the show ended. My brother remembered the part that you could get sick from the show and tried to use that to get out of the boring lecture earlier xD Silly thing.

Some photos from the visit (mostly taken by my boyfriend):

 Distorted faces

 In the mirror maze


 A little chick 😀

 Dinner is served

 Building mountains and oceans


 Boyfriend *hearts*


 Cuddle times

 A freak of nature

 Riding the bike on a rope

 Thin stretched ladies

 Something is very wrong in this room

 From midgets to giants


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