10 years since high school… 1. August 2015

 Coffee and a couple of peaches

 Coffee and chocolate pastries

 Grilled meat and salad

Some other grilled meat, a sausage and more salad

I also had different snacks and alcohol, but meh, who has time for pictures anyway?


We had our high school reunion. I can’t believe it has already been 10 years since then.

It was weird reading our class chronicle, because I was one morbid fuck back then. High school really was a terrible time for me, but it had it’s good parts too… like my class and the entire Sütevaka school in general. A little comfort to me is that I am not that morbid any more. At least I hope I am not. Sure I am still no sunshine, but at least I don’t constantly talk about dying or killing myself these days. Yay?

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