Lüübnitsa onion and fish festival… and other things that happened

 So the night before we crashed a birthday party and it was a blast. I completely overate and maybe because of that I ended up getting really sick. Or perhaps some food item simply didn’t agree with my stomach. Thankfully I was fine by the morning.

 This is a smoke sauna. This particular sauna is interesting, because it has no chimney and the fire is lit directly beneath the heating rocks. The sauna is usually covered in soot and if you go there, you will smell of smoke for a long time… just like happened to my boyfriend 😛 Some of these saunas, or similar ones, are also used for smoking meat.

 This is what the sauna looks inside.

 The day before we noticed a sign near the road telling about an Onion and Fish Festival at a place called Lüübnitsa. We decided to go and check it out. On our way there, we spotted these awesomely stacked hay rolls.

 More rolls of hay

 At the festival. Lots of people selling many different types of foods etc.

 Smoked fish

 The 4x best beer brewer of the Kingdom of Setomaa

 I’m going to enjoy this fair, but first let me take a selfie.

 Mead! I am kind of sad we didn’t buy any homemade mead.


 Showing off “fancy” veggie shredding tools

 Old stuff

 Everything for the modern knight needs


 Antiques and baskets. I actually bought a fruit basket from this stall.

 The Seto Bank 😀  You could exchange your euros for Seto Kroons at the stall. Apparently you can use the Seto money in quite a few events and establishments.

 A happy owner of a Seto Kroon

 Time for tea

 This guy was so awesome. As soon as we approached his table, he greeted us and started explaining the items around him, the meanings of the patterns and imagery used. Sadly I only understood half of what he was saying, because he only spoke in Russian, but what I did understand was pretty interesting.

 A museum corner

 Later we went to Karula. And licked some frogs.

 Pretty kitteh

 It was so nice and cozy there

There was a village music feast happening that evening. Anyone could bring an instrument and perform if they wanted.

 Some cowgirls having a fun time 😛

 It was pretty darn lovely

 The next performer was surprisingly young 😀 He played really well!


 Picking some flowers to cheer myself up

 An epic outdoors kitchen

After all of this we drove back to Tallinn. The drive was super exhausting and we had to make several stops on the way to simply nap for 10 minutes or just stretch the legs outside. At some point I ended up googling every town and village name we drove past to see if wikipedia had anything interesting to say about them. If I found something, I read it out loud to my boyfriend to keep him awake.

23. August 2015

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