Trying new things… 25. August 2015

 Some vanilla cookies

 Marit was my beautiful brunch companion 🙂

 A salmon quiche and an affogato @ Café More. The quiche was delicious, but the affogato not so much. It was my first time having an affogato, but it’s not quite how I imagined it would taste. The icecream had weird bits in it  and didn’t really dissolve in the coffee in a manner that I would have liked… it was kind of greasy? But I think I am willing to give the affogato another chance in a different place, because I really like the concept of the drink.
Oh and Marit also gave me one of her macarons 🙂

 A very overpriced beef salad @ Rucola

 Potato lasagna

 Dried fish and Põhjala Yorikiri beer (seaweed weizenbock). This was some pretty okay beer.

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