A trip to Helsinki

My sister wanted to go to an amusement park in Helsinki with a friend of hers. Unfortunately, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to travel overseas without adult supervision, so that’s how I got offered a free boat ride to Helsinki to “babysit” my sister and her friend. I invited a friend of my own, Marit, along. When we got to Finland, the girls strolled off to the amusement park and Marit and I went to visit the Natural History Museum. I’m all for the dinosaur bones and stuff, even though they creep me out big times xD I probably would not have gone to the museum if I hadn’t had a friend with me.

After the museum visit, we visited some Asian food stores and bought so many goodies xD Then it was a coffee break and the rest of the time, before we had to head back to the ship to go back home, we spent in a huge book store where I managed to score myself a Star Trek book and an Avengers comic book. I’d say this day was well spent 🙂

 This pissing statue was basically the first thing that greeted us when we got off the boat in Helsinki

 A bear on the street corner

 At the Natural History Museum

 So many skeletons! Had I been in that room alone, I would probably have panicked and fled the place xD The eerie whale sounds they were playing there were not helping to soothe me either.

 The entire museum was set up so that it was really enjoyable to look at, like a still-life painting

 The tiniest exhibit

 Big kitty caught noms

 Me and a friend

 Artwork on the streets

 A wild city bunny appears!


 And heading back home towards Estonia again


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